Dhanush and sivakarthikeyan relationship help

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dhanush and sivakarthikeyan relationship help

Dhanush+Sivakarthikeyan+Anirudh+Atharva fanfic. No offence sirs. This is totally fictional. Dhanush has been a major reason behind Sivakarthikeyan's success in the film industry. It would be even right to say that Sivakarthikeyan got. Sivakarthikeyan (born 17 February ) is an Indian actor, comedian, playback singer, Prior to Marina's release, Aishwarya Dhanush had signed him up to play a supporting role as Dhanush's . Please help improve this section if you can.

It has raked in a great collection in the past 15 days, making Sivakarthikeyan's biggest hit so far. Although the story received negative reviews, Sivakarthikeyan has shined in his nurse avatar.


The comedian-actor played two roles n the movie, one of a rowdy local and the other of a sassy nurse. His main inetion to play a female character is to be close to the woman he loves. He pulls of this never seen before avatar with ease and confidence. He is the biggest highlight of Remo, fans have gone to say that he is solely carrying the film on his shoulders.

But we found this old video where a Tamil star was all praises for his actor way before. He talked about how he believed Karthikeyan was a good actor and was very hardworking. He actually requested Sivakarthkeyan to not put him out of his business as he also has had his own share of struggles.

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He requested to give him at least 10 years to gain a footing in the industry. Well, this Tamil star is none other than Dhanush!

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He seemed to be aware of the actor-comedian's talent way back. Ottran Dorai February 21st, Dhanush anger against Sivakarthikeyan evidenced: Actor Dhanush started his movie production company Wunderbar Films in the year and had produced few films.

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This movie was Sivakarthikeyans 2nd film. Then he had acted as a hero in two others tamil films. Along with his salary elevation his mannerism and attitude grew worse says Kollywood.

dhanush and sivakarthikeyan relationship help

Durai Senthilkumar had objected many number of times and had complained about it to Dhanush the producer of the movie. Dhanush had even warned Sivakarthikeyan on many occasions and is said that Sivakarthikeyan had ignored the advises. Sources say that in few circumstances Dhanush had decided to drop the movie and accepted to bear the loss.

dhanush and sivakarthikeyan relationship help

But Dhanush who had a soft corner on the director of the movie Durai Senthilkumar, maintained patience. This had interrupted the shoot and there had been a break in the film for few weeks.