Death car on the freeway ending relationship

Here's How You're Most Likely to Die in a Car Crash

death car on the freeway ending relationship

Strategic Highway Research: Saving Lives, Reducing Congestion, Improving for and life-years lost per death; motor vehicle crashes in the same .. The vehicle in front, driven by an older driver, stops when the light is near the end .. pinpoint high-accident locations and establish reliable relationships between . Death Car on the Freeway is a American made-for-television crime thriller film starring Shelley Hack. In a plot similar to Steven Spielberg's Duel, this tells. 30 quotes have been tagged as highway: Erol Ozan: 'Some beautiful paths can't be tags: beauty, cars, decisions, discovery, driving, fork, highway, journey, . Destination is the same for everyone, but what matters at the end is - how much you Knowledge Quotes k; Relationships Quotes k; Motivational Quotes 9k.

Making a Significant Improvement in Highway Safety. The National Academies Press. The major issues associated with EDRs pertain to legal, privacy, and data consistency concerns. Clearly, the owners of vehicles included in the proposed research will need to be informed about the EDRs on their vehicles and consent to their use for the study purposes.


The report contains information about the status of EDR use, types of data that can be collected, data collection and management issues, privacy and legal issues, and other topics that will be highly useful in the further development of the research proposed in this report. Thus security measures will be required in the handling of the data, including masking the identity or source of specific data. In addition, the researchers and the data will have to be protected from subpoena in legal proceedings.

Such protection is not unusual in research involving human subjects or data that individuals would be unlikely to reveal to researchers if they thought those data could be used against them. This legal protection also serves as a safeguard for the integrity of the research because individuals are less likely to provide inaccurate data to avoid a potential personal threat.

In the case of the proposed study of crash factors, this means drivers will be less likely to modify their driving behavior to avoid getting into trouble, so researchers will be able to obtain a more accurate picture of their behavior. This certificate acknowledges that certain types of research have special privacy requirements and that people need to be protected from use of the resulting data against them.

The National Transportation Safety Board is similarly protected from releasing data it downloads from aircraft and motor vehicle recorders. Video Recording Systems Video recording systems also offer unique advantages for this type of research.

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The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has installed such a system at a high-incident intersection in Louisville Urban Transportation Monitor The system uses continuous-loop cameras and microphones to monitor the intersection.

When the microphone picks up the sounds of a collision, it saves several seconds of video and allows the cameras to capture several more seconds, providing visual data for before, during, and after the crash. If intersection crashes were chosen for particular analysis in this study, such a device could be installed at the sampled intersections.

death car on the freeway ending relationship

In addition to providing for crash footage, an appropriate research design could be developed for randomly sampling vehicles approaching and progressing through the intersections to gather visual data on driving behavior and intersection operational performance under noncrash circumstances. In-vehicle cameras have been used to capture data about events both inside and immediately outside of a vehicle. FHWA is using in-vehicle cameras to 8 For example, Lehmann and Reynolds cite several European examples in which the presence of EDRs appeared to cause drivers to alter their behavior.

The examples all involved professional commercial or government fleets, where employers would have been able to identify the drivers of specific vehicles.

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Page 86 Share Suggested Citation: Some private and police vehicle fleets have cameras mounted on the rearview mirror to record events occurring in front of the vehicle should a crash occur. As with the use of EDRs, privacy and legal issues must be addressed in the use of video recording systems. For example, cameras external to vehicles such as intersection-mounted cameras should not be aimed at private property and should not capture individuals in the vehicle. In practice, it may be possible to use such cameras only on vehicle fleets whose owners may have their own incentives for camera use.

Video data and audio data, if included would also need to be protected from legal proceedings. Cell Phones, GPS, and Sensors Cellular telephone technology could be used to alert researchers when a crash takes place or at predetermined intervals to collect noncrash data and to transmit recorded data efficiently and inexpensively.

GPS could be installed on vehicles as is already the case on some vehicles to locate a crash for further, on-site investigation of highway geometry and roadside hardware.

In the event of a crash, sensor technology could be used to gather data on weather, pavement condition presence of ice or moistureand traffic volumes and speeds. These data could be transmitted remotely as well. Technology for automated collection of site and crash geometry data could be used by researchers to improve the speed and accuracy of data collection. Such technologies could provide objective data about whether and to what degree these driver conditions and activities contribute to crashes and would be especially useful for gathering exposure data.

By the time the proposed study is launched, these technologies will have seen several more generations of development. Similarly, lane tracking and night vision systems are already on the market and could be used to add environmental data to the vehicle data collected by EDRs.

Page 87 Share Suggested Citation: These newer methods could be compared with more traditional data gathering techniques, such as interviews and use of police reports, which will also be employed in the research. As newer technologies emerge, they could be more fully employed in future studies.

Determination of Cost-Effectiveness of Countermeasures In the course of the outreach conducted for this study, the committee encountered the argument that the money required for a comprehensive study of crash factors might be spent more effectively on implementing countermeasures already in existence or under development.

This is a reasonable point of view, and certainly implementation of existing countermeasures must continue. However, as effective as certain countermeasures are, there are many whose effectiveness is not well established, and there is still little basis for determining which countermeasures are the most cost-effective. Improved knowledge of crash factors, together with knowledge about the cost-effectiveness of countermeasures, will help agencies prioritize the various countermeasures now available, make more rational investments in their implementation, and direct the development of new countermeasures.

In addition, some countermeasures are controversial; one reason the political will to implement them is lacking is that there is no clear basis for weighing the safety benefits gained against social or economic costs. The proposed study can provide a basis for informed public discourse and policy development in this regard.

The specific countermeasures to be studied will be determined during the interim work stage. Americans still die on the road at a higher rate than any other country, but things have improved somewhat. But even taking population growth into account, the latest stats on vehicle fatalities raised some red flags. To that end, we looked at how, when, and why people met their end in a vehicle. We also noted who is most likely to die in a car crash and at what age.

Here are 15 things you need to know about U. Men die more than twice the rate of women There has always been something of a battle of the sexes when it comes to driving habits.

To generalize, men think women drive too slowly, and women think men drive like psychos.


When we looked at the evidence of crash deaths, the ladies seem to have a point. Men died at a rate of Looking at the ages of the men involved in the most fatal crashes, you start to understand why.

The young and the reckless are the most dangerous. First, elderly men 85 and older had the highest rate of fatalities on the road at Meanwhile, the death rate for young men ages 20 to 24 were not far behind at However, the number of deaths for these young drivers 3, was by far the highest total. Only men ages 25 to 29 came anywhere close 2, Alcohol plays a role in most deaths. Most fatal crashes involved alcohol A DUI is a serious offense.

Whether it was the driver or pedestrian killed had alcohol in their body at the time of death, it is clear drinking continues to play a major role in highway and street safety.

death car on the freeway ending relationship

The odds are simply much higher a fatal crash will occur when someone is under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A country road may be as dangerous as it is picturesque. Country roads present real danger Lack of visibility and speed control could be the culprits.

Death car on the Freeway (1979) - Trailer

Those rural crash deaths occurred in fewer than half the miles, making the rate of death more than 2. Remember, you only need one car to produce a fatal wreck — something the next statistic illustrates. It only takes one car for a fatal crash.

Most fatal crashes involve a single vehicle The majority are single-vehicle accidents. That number held about the same for rural and urban roads across America.

SUVs should still have a reputation for fatal rollovers.

death car on the freeway ending relationship

SUVs and pickups lead in fatal rollovers Top-heavy cars face an obvious rollover risk. Looking at fatal crash records, this factor should still be on the minds of auto consumers in Look both ways or risk becoming a statistic. Pedestrians need to watch their backs Pedestrians are more likely to die than cyclists. However, the 5, pedestrian deaths represented a year high inso we need to direct our attention there, as well. Death counts are bigger in Texas, too.

Texas is the deadliest state in America Texas has the highest number of deadly crashes. Considering the large population of Texas, the Lone Star State was not close to the top when adjusting for population.