Deadpool and siryn relationship questions

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deadpool and siryn relationship questions

After Tom was eventually caught again, Deadpool and Siryn the older teammembers automatically deferred to her in questions of leadership. Copycat became aware of Deadpool's friendship with Siryn, became jealous and left him. Another reason why she left came from issues with her powers. . At first, Deadpool's relationship with Outlaw never got much further. They're an odd pairing to be sure, but Cable and Deadpool balance each other between Cable and Deadpool, but aside from their complex relationship, the . it's that those powers can give a person major identity issues. Not that this is any excuse for posing as Deadpool's love, Siryn, simply to trick him.

This power can also be used to disorientate targets by disturbing their equilibrium and can even cause unconsciousness in the target if pressed assuming their balance center is in their ears.

Siryn is learning to focus this scream but her control has yet to reach 'Sonic Lance' level. She is also immune to the powers that she utilises.

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Audiokinesis Siryn can create various sonic effects through the combined action of her vocal cords and limited psionic powers which can only be used in conjunction with the sounds she produces. This can include emulating other noises or throwing them so they appear to be from another source.

Flight Siryn can use the sonic vibrations of her scream as a carrier wave. In combination with her limited psionic powers, she will also create a force field to protect her from the physical damage of the human body being propelled through the air. She has to continue to create vibrations to keep aloft.

deadpool and siryn relationship questions

Sonar Siryn can use her sonic powers as a form of sonar. By sending out a precise, pure note and listening to the returning, altered wavefront of the note, she can evaluate her surroundings in total darkness with varying degrees of resolution. Volume Control Siryn can use her vocal powers to render an area completely silent, or to create a barrier to sound passing through in or out, or to hear conversations further away than usual hearing allows, or to speak to a specific person so that no one else can hear her words.

Sonic Shield Siryn can utilise her powers to create a barrier of sound around her and others to a range of about twenty feet. It is able to stop bullets if need be and is also used to help with her flying.

Trance Siryn is able to make her voice so soothing and seductive that it can subtly influence peoples subconscious, the effects tend towards blatant hypnosis. At times she's been even capable of calming down an enraged Hulk when his rage is not so intense. Here's the scene in question from Deadpool 13 from the first chapter of the comic.

So basically, a few readers wanted to know if this was for real, as it is not exactly something that is talked about a lot, ya know? Deadpool is infatuated a bit with Siryn, so he's distraught when he loses his mask in They part as friends at the end of the issue Jeph Loeb continued it a little bit in X-Force, as he had Deadpool save Siryn from some bad guys and getting captured in the process Siryn then rescued him later on.

deadpool and siryn relationship questions

When Joe Kelly gave Deadpool his own ongoing series, he used Siryn in an interesting fashion. She was sort of the heroic ideal for Deadpool, something for him to aspire to, while also, of course, lust after. His relationship with Wolverine was always especially volatile. This made the creative decisions regarding the Ultimate version of the character particularly interesting. Following a showdown with Apocalypse, James Howlett had lost his arm, his healing factor and many of his teammates.

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He was left beaten and scarred, and spent the next several decades fighting the First Mutant until he was able to return to the past in order to attempt to right some wrongs. After a brutal battle during which Jean called on the Phoenix Force in order to defeat Apocalypse, Cable - his mission finally completed - basically faded out of existence.

Although the film version of Vanessa was delightful, she bore little resemblance to her villainous comic counterpart. Cable has been a victim of her cruelty as well.

Although the original Domino readers were introduced to turned out to be an imposter, the real Neena Thurman has a long history with both Cable and Deadpool. He can teleport just about anywhere he wants, an ability that Deadpool was particularly envious of.

In fact, the Merc with a Mouth even tried to replicate the technology. This led to some pretty hilarious instances of Cable and Deadpool becoming fused together when attempting to teleport simultaneously.

Naturally, Cable eventually found a way to solve the problem, but these mishaps have led to some pretty amazing fan fiction. Still, all of this pales in comparison to the fact that Cable once had to absorb and then regurgitate Deadpool. It was this disgusting - but lifesaving - action that combined their DNA in the first place, allowing the melding of their bodies during teleportation. During House of M, she completely rewrote reality to devastating effect. Cable had been missing and presumed deceased, but Deadpool refused to believe that his friend was gone and traversed time and space looking for him.

Although he found many versions of Nathan, the real one was in the House of M universe. There were several strange pieces of the puzzle though. For one thing, Nathan was a baby. Aside from that, he was being lovingly cared for by none other than Nathaniel Essex. In this reality, Mister Sinister was actually trying to be a good father to Nathan.

deadpool and siryn relationship questions

However, he could only fight his natural instincts for so long. Deadpool battled Sinister and eventually rescued his pal. Once the universe reverted back, Cable began to age at an accelerated rate until he was a grownup again. One such piece of equipment is actually housed by his cybernetic arm. Her name is Belle and she is a sentient Artificial Intelligence.

She appears as an anthropomorphic pinup tattoo.