Communication and compromise in a relationship

The 3 C’s: Commitment, Communication and Compromise | I'm just telling you how I see it

communication and compromise in a relationship

Communication and Compromise are the oxygen of every romantic relationship. by Matthew Dube esquire. 13 Feb at hrs | Views. Relationships require a lot of work, and long distance relationships require even more Those three things are commitment, communication and compromise. Making your needs known is not about issuing an ultimatum, but about open communication, compromise, and cooperation. Maybe your.

Communication and Compromise are the oxygen of every romantic relationship

When speaking to your partner use courtesy phrases like "please and thank you", it is a way of honouring them and it helps them to feel appreciated and respected.

Being courteous to one another is like the oil that helps a happy marriage to run smoothly and reduces unnecessary friction.

communication and compromise in a relationship

We all mess up from time to time and when we do, having it rubbed in on our faces doesn't help the situation whatever it is. Never keep scores, marriage is not a contest. Never use the "I told you so phrase" saying it only creates ill will between you and your spouse.

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Kids will always be a bone of contention. Never have unrealistic expectations of changing someone to suit yourself. With marriages, it's not about finding the right person, it's more about being the right one for your mate.

communication and compromise in a relationship

Howbeit, if Finkel's findings are anything to go by, there is need to accept that most of our expectations are too much. In an effort to avert constant disappointments and inevitably, the end of the relationship itself, we need not pile too much pressure on the one person we love. Whether or not we agree with Eli Finkel's findings, it is undoubtedly food for thought.

In conclusion, two 'C's will save your relationship: Communication and Compromise can be the panacea for happy marriages, but not limited to that; there are moreover other attitudes that can help restore a relationship, namely: Patience, reasonableness, genuine openness and straightforwardness, doing things together, accountability, being friends and ultimately giving each other space.

Why is communicating important when it comes to compromise?

How to compromise without feeling resentful | Relate

Instead of simply suppressing your objections, try to talk about them openly. And being able to do this is certainly better than not reaching any decision at all.

The example above might not seem too serious, but the ways we communicate or make decisions in relationships often form into patterns.

communication and compromise in a relationship

If the same pattern was repeated on something more important — say, deciding which property to live in or even when to have children — then you can see how the potential for serious problems to develop is very real. How do we communicate about this?

There are ways to make conversations more productive and less likely to turn into big disagreements.

communication and compromise in a relationship

Take a look at our 5 communication tips to try with your partner. These simple tips will help you think about ways to express yourself and practical considerations surrounding the conversation that will make it easier to express yourselves to one another without anyone becoming defensive or angry. How can we help?

communication and compromise in a relationship

If you feel an inability to compromise on certain things is posing real problems in your relationship, you might like to consider counselling.