Colin morgan and katie mcgrath relationship quotes

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colin morgan and katie mcgrath relationship quotes

Katie McGrath and Colin Morgan photos, news and gossip. Keep up the success guys! x @KatieMcGrathandColinMorgan Relationship Status, Engaged. Katie McGrath is officially credited for all episodes of Merlin, though of the current Her favourite scenes from series four were her scenes with Colin Morgan in A Quotes. "I won the lottery because I didn't know I would love this so much and. Katie McGrath as Hecate Merlin Fandom, Merlin Show, Merlin Morgana, Merlin Cast, Katie McGrath . beautiful Lena Luthor, Chyler Leigh, Colin Morgan.

Once I come on screen, all I can think of is 'What am I doing with my hands? I'm a very ambitious girl. I'll go wherever there is a good part. I get sent lots of jewellery by fans, and that's absolutely lovely.

I loved every minute of working in wardrobe. But I love being an actress so much more. I don't think I was very good in costume, so it's better that I prefer being an actress. I love being as bad as possible!

colin morgan and katie mcgrath relationship quotes

You've got to love a bad girl. I do keep getting these bad girl roles.

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The funny thing is that, honestly, I don't think I'm believable as these aristocratic mean girls. But I do love playing them.

My friend once sculpted me a bust of Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars: He's that goldfish-type alien in the white costume. I am really terrible when it comes to guys. Inside, I just see myself as this overweight tomboy with funny-colored hair and bad skin. They were so fantastic and aristocratic, and they had so much power.

And he was such a renaissance man.

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I think I would've fit into that nicely. I grew up in a small town in Ireland and didn't know any actors. I never thought it was a viable job.

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It wasn't until I was on The Tudors that I realized it was a possibility. Working crew made me realize that the actors are a very small part of a very big machine, with each part being vital to make the show work. It so important to remember that it's not about you, it's about the show, and working crew hammered that point home to me.

My mum's amazing - every time I achieve something in my career, she buys me a diamond earring. It's not an understatement to say that I owe everything as an actor to Merlin But it's not massively different. And I'm like,'ho, ho, ho'.

colin morgan and katie mcgrath relationship quotes

Bradley insists he's "not exactly beating them off with a stick" and Colin reckons a relationship wouldn't be realistic given that he's filming so intensely for eight months. Nevertheless, these facts serve only to increase the attention of certain fans.

Colin was recently sent a picture diary of two toy unicorns on holiday from London to Switzerland, followed by a box from Switzerland containing a skipping rope, a tiara and a bottle of Jaegermeister. Something to do with his vegetarianism, perhaps. But bonkers all the same. Bradley, meanwhile, discovered how determined some TV fans can be just days before Saturday Plus came visiting.

Naturally, she found one. But it was this girl. She told me how the show was doing very well in Australia.

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Then she started asking me about the DVD extras and stuff and I politely explained that I couldn't really tell her anything about that. They speak of what a privilege it is to be given such a rich script which has emotional depth one minute and the chance to talk to a giant dragon the next.

Colin also revealed how he got his family in on the act when he invited his brother out to visit him in France. Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow was another school that this fellow studied in. It was in when he graduated and then in Novemberattended the Belfast Metropolitan College where he was honoured with an Award of Distinction for his contributions to the Arts.

Morgan also busied himself in a number of stage productions. Add to that, he was also given the chance to perform a minor role in Doctor Who and also the Catherine Tate show. These paved the way for his most memorable role yet which was for Merlin back in For me, it was always more like a natural instinct.

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Every part, every performance I have ever taken has just been about feeding that desire to act. They have lots of reserves, and they are really into protecting wildlife. I visited a reserve called Cabo Blanco.