Code geass lelouch and cc relationship test

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code geass lelouch and cc relationship test

C.C. (シー・ツー Shī Tsū, pronounced C2) (しーつー), is the tritagonist of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion. Her seiyu is Yukana while she is voiced by Kate . What if Kallen knew what she truly mean to Lelouch? Now we all know about the complex relationship between Kallen and Lelouch. This is also a test for my upcoming fanfic. Well enjoy! I do not own Code Geass though I wish I do and hope there will be a third season or at least a Code Geass movie. [MISC] Official texts on Lelouch & C.C.'s relationship A compilation of excerpts C.C.'s character description from guidebook Code Geass: Lelouch of the . Besides, I was tested during the Honorary Britannian appointment.

I suggest you watch it first. This is also a test for my upcoming fanfic. There are grammar mistakes here so don't bother point it out. It's my first Code Geass fanfic. Edited version The moon was at its peak over the northern sky. The Imperial outpost shined like a glittering rock as the Britannian flags fluttered madly in the wind.

7 Times Lelouch and CC Gave Us “Collywobbles”

At the entrance, soldiers dressed in grey and black armour and helmed visors stood attention like statues, their rifles ready to turn at any intruder. Their leader, one of the famed Gaston knights dressed in a maroon uniform with a sabre by his side inspected the situation. An explosion struck the entrance, blowing up the door and walls into pieces.

code geass lelouch and cc relationship test

Soldiers fell as the debris struck them. Volleys of lead from different directions cut down any survivors. The knight tried to rally more guards when a crimson Knightmare with a metallic claw smashed through the wall. A duo of Imperial Vincents appeared from the side to investigate the attack and fell victim to the monstrous red. The Knightmare slashed its claw tearing one Vincent apart with a single blow and side-kicked another.

It happened in mere seconds. The knight could only stare in shock. Another one of the purple mass produced Knightmares appeared and drew its MVS lance and attempt to skewer the invader with its blood red blades. It was a valiant act but futile. The crimson machine grabbed its head with its claw and a beam of red-violet beam appears and it turned the Vincent to dust.

I've gotten them all.

code geass lelouch and cc relationship test

It's crucial that we take it so we can isolate the Britannian forces. Now go do what you do best! Lelouch Vi Britannia sat on his couch in the command centre thinking about all that had happened.

She's been there through all You actually miscalculated about her? When she asked you why you returned, you didn't answer and asked her if she would come back to Ashford when the war is over. I shouldn't have ruined that moment but that Chinese sauce just wasn't my taste. I've lost mother, Shirley and Euphie. I can't bear to lose her as well! He glanced at the screens. Go help him out. Just one more thing. Lights pierced through the darkness like a sword through flesh.

Look at how far we come because of Zero! At least let him answer! Lelouch knew that it was over. Perhaps there was a way out. The prince glanced at a corner and saw a tall white figure and knew that it was hopeless.

Kallen was still there shielding him from the others. He knew she was willing to die with him. She can't die now; he needed someone to protect CC. She had to live. No, that's what he was telling himself. It was more than that. He was right earlier. Kallen Kosuki would always be there for him since the beginning and now she's there infront of him when everyone is against him. Such loyalty…she was willing to be his slave unlike others whom he had geassed.

She had followed him everywhere anywhere w He understood what CC had told him earlier now: Kallen was deeply in love with him. That explained why she had been acting to him strangely earlier and why she was outrageously jealous when CC told him to take off his clothes.

Lelouch had always made fun of her by mentioning of them being a couple many times before but he had never been serious about it. He knew now why she was able to perform so many deeds before. Love is power, Lelouch! Shirley's voice rang in his head.

People would do things that were insane beyond reason for those they love regardless for what happen to oneself. It gives them the will, strength and power to go on beyond all expectations…against all odds.

Underneath her uniform C. She is often seen wearing only these undergarments. She has on some episodes worn the Ashford Academy uniform and has her hair tied in twin-tails.

This is done to slightly blend in with the student body so she can move around more freely, to pass messages to Lelouch or just to simply find more pizza. However, she does express some emotions later in the first season and at several points in the second when in the presence of Lelouch. When she locks her memories away, she regresses to how she was hundreds of years ago, fearful and open. However, when she regains her memories, her personality reverts back.

Kallen suspects that C. Backing this up is that C. She also doesn't age. Apart from her immortality, C. A Geass sigil appears on her forehead whenever she manifests this power, and she has a similar scar on her left breast. Her powers caught the interest of Britanniawho imprisoned her for experimentation purposes.

In the first season finale, C. Through this, Lelouch sees memories of her past, including repeated "deaths". This would suggest a minimum lifespan of at least five centuries. In a special feature included in the series' fifth DVD, she and Lelouch discuss Washington's Rebellion, a failed version of the American Revolution, during which she speaks of participants such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin as if she had been close friends with both.

In the past, she appears to have observed Suzaku and Lelouch when they were both children, having even interacted with Lelouch at one point, though he doesn't remember their meeting.

Her individual experiences have led C. She tells Lelouch that she has been alive so long that she can no longer remember who loves her and who hates her. Due to her nature and history, she has been lonely as long as she can remember.

Lelouch replies, "You're not alone.

[MISC] Official texts on Lelouch & C.C.'s - hiatus

If you are a witch, then I am a demon. This is also seen in the second season, as she kindly teases him more often. However she claims that she has been selfish, keeping Lelouch alive just so that she could be able to die. In episode 23 of the second season, Suzaku asks her to be Lelouch's shield, defending him from his enemies while Suzaku strikes down those enemies as Lelouch's sword.

In episode 5, she purposely makes use of her contract to make it sound like it was an engagement in front of Nunnally and in one Sound Episode, she said to Nunnally that both she and Lelouch are 'busy' making Nunnally misunderstand.

When left alone, she has sometimes spoken to a previously unknown person through means unknown, which, in episode 23, was revealed to be MarianneLelouch's "deceased" mother, although in episode 19 it appears that she is talking to V. According to the DVD Magazine 02, she is talking to more than one person when she seems to be talking to herself.

This is often used for comedic effect. Her love for pizza is so strong that she is willing to risk herself being captured, twice nearly exposing herself to get a piece of a giant pizza being made by the Student Council which is ruined both times ; both Lelouch and Kallen sometimes refer her as "Pizza Girl".

In addition to this she is an avid collector of Cheese-kun related merchandises and is often seen hugging a Cheese-kun plush doll. During the planning stages of Code Geass, C. However, some closed captions sometimes refer to as Cecile. Character History First Season C. Suzaku quickly puts his own gas mask on Lelouch's face, but to their surprise a restrained green haired woman, C. Before they can get answers, Suzaku's superiors come and tell him not to question his briefing, and to shoot the "terrorist", Lelouch.

When he refuses, he is promptly shot in the back. Just as they seem to have evaded detection, Lelouch's phone rings, giving him away. As they're about to kill him, C. A desperate Lelouch now thinks of his impending death.