Clary and simon relationship poems

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clary and simon relationship poems

24 quotes have been tagged as sizzy: Cassandra Clare: 'Isabelle! he called again. Let down your raven hair!'Oh my God, Clary muttered. There was so. When Clary had Simon call security, no one else, not even Simon, saw the to pursue a relationship due to their other friendships, particularly with Simon. Relationships: Simon Lewis/Jace Wayland · Clary Fray/Isabelle Lightwood · Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood · Clary Fray & Simon Lewis.

Simon goes off, misquoting A Tale of Two Cities along the way. Clary is honest and says that she and Simon are just friends. The blonde asks if Simon is gay, which is a bit personal, but seeing the general direction of her previous questions, it makes sense.

But Simon shows up before Clary can answer.

clary and simon relationship poems

He complains a bit about having to use Styrofoam cups instead of mugs, while Clary stares at him, contemplating whether she finds him attractive or not. And, were this a typical teen romance story, or just real life, this would be the part where Clary starts to wonder if there might be something more to their relationship. Simon is understandably put off by Clary staring at him for no apparent reason, and Clary has to convince herself to tell Simon about the blonde girl saying he was cute.

And this is the part where I have to call their whole relationship into question.

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Look, Clary, I get that, until about thirty seconds ago your relationship with Simon was entirely platonic, at least on your end. You know what a friend would do in this situation?

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Tell him about the blonde girl without any hesitation. Damn it, get off your butt and go over there!

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And you have to see this to believe it: Slather every protuberance with arid zeal! I have no idea where CC got that from, but it is brilliantly hilarious. Meanwhile, Clary and Simon get back to their conversation re: Just go over and talk to the blonde already.

Everyone, or at least everyone who counts, will be much happier if you do. The conversation ends when someone behind her coughs. It was a derisive sort of cough, the kind of noise someone might make who was trying not to laugh out loud. If you guessed it was Jace, congratulations! You win absolutely nothing. Cuffs, mind, not bracelets or anything else that would be more appropriate.

Of course, no one else can see him, which just makes the whole situation more annoying. It also introduces a problem. This is why some writers have their characters use a Perception Filter instead of actual invisibility.

But which one is Jace using? Jace, being an ass, decides to leave right then. And Clary, being an idiot, decides to follow him, leaving Simon in the lurch.

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Oh well, maybe the blonde girl will come over and comfort him. After the narrator briefly describes his hair? Agreeing with Jace makes me feel dirty. Moving on, Clary her brain still functioning properly calls Jace out on following her. Clary threatens to tell the police, though only as a threat to get more information out of him.

It should also have been a genuine threat rather than a ploy for more info. Jace continues to distract her by talking about how her name reminds him of clary sage, and how eating the seeds supposedly let you see fairies.

Also, remember that Jace criticized Clary for not knowing some obscure bit of folklore that CC may or may not have made up. She should be able to figure it out. You might not see it here, but after a while it becomes pretty obvious. This is entirely true, though again I doubt CC or the fans would agree.

In reality, it comes across more like this scene. Characters[ edit ] Clary Fray — A year-old Shadowhunter who possesses more angel blood than a normal Shadowhunter. Her unique circumstances provides her with the ability to cast extremely powerful runes and even runes that do not exist at all with ease. Jace Herondale — A Shadowhunter experimented upon with angel blood like his girlfriend, Clary. He was formerly controlled by a rune that bound him to Sebastian Morgenstern and is currently infused with heavenly fire during Clary's attempt to purify him, which ignites whenever he is excited or in pain.

Simon Lewis — Clary's formerly mundane best friend who was turned into a Daylighter; a vampire capable of walking in daylight. He is dating Isabelle Lightwood, but is also targeted by his crazed fan-turned-vampire, Maureen Brown. Isabelle Lightwood — Clary's friend and fellow Shadowhunter, formerly the middle child of the Lightwood siblings up until her little brother's death, which she blames herself for. She is dating Simon Lewis. Alec Lightwood — Isabelle's older brother and Jace's parabatai a type of link between Shadowhunters.

Throughout most of the book he is heartbroken over Magnus Bane, his first boyfriend, who broke up with him in the previous book, City of Lost Souls. Sebastian Morgenstern — The book's main antagonist, the leader of the Endarkened Shadowhunters, and Clary's older brother. The book reveals that there is still bits of good left in him: His long experience makes him a useful ally for the Shadowhunters when they need his help for information or runes.

He broke up with Alec Lightwood in the previous book, but slowly reconciles with him when he realizes that both are suffering without each other. Maia Roberts — A werewolf who formerly dated Simon Lewis before she reconciled back with her ex-boyfriend, Jordan Kyle.

After Jordan and Praetor Scott's death, she becomes concerned in the battle between Bat Velasquez and Rufus Hastings, both fighting for leadership in the pack.

clary and simon relationship poems

Jocelyn Fray — Clary and Sebastian's mother who was infused with angel and demon bloods by her first husband, the late Valentine Morgenstern. She is engaged to her childhood friend, Luke Garroway, though their wedding is postponed due to the Dark War.

clary and simon relationship poems

Luke Garroway — A werewolf and a former parabatai to Valentine Morgenstern, the main antagonist of the series' first three books. Clary has been seeing him as the only father figure she has had in her entire life. He is also the werewolf representative in the Council of the Downworlder Representatives.