Christina milian and lil wayne relationship with nicki

Christina Milian And Superhead Go At It Over Lil Wayne | Bossip

christina milian and lil wayne relationship with nicki

Find Out Why Christina Milian and Lil Wayne Broke Up! Plus, 8 More tells her the relationship is over because she found an Instagram photo. Nicki Minaj's relationship with Lil Wayne has been one of the most successful Christina Milian had limited success under the Young Money. Los Angeles, CA – Christina Milian's relationship with Lil Wayne was the underlying selling point for her E! reality show Christina Milian Turned.

christina milian and lil wayne relationship with nicki

Which do you prefer most: My preference is everything! If you could have a dream role as an actress, what would it be? Like a big, big movie, like a Will Smith movie.

christina milian and lil wayne relationship with nicki

If you could have a dream music collaboration, who would it be with? So, I would definitely like to work with Nicki Minaj. Lo, a Beyonce, a Nicki Minaj, those are three very talented women I would love to work with.

We noticed that you are dabbling in spirits and clothing ventures, tell us about your brands and where you are trying to take them? We do a lot of wine tastings and bottle signings at the places we sell our wines just to meet the fans. And my clothing line is called We Are Pop Culture and that was something that started about 3 months ago. We have joggers, t-shirts with really cool things, dresses, skirts, a lot of the stuff can all be mixed and matched.


What are some of your beauty secrets in staying so gorgeous? But I do drink a lot of water just to keep my skin in good shape. Makeup wipes are the best in history laughsto take your makeup off at night. But when it comes to make up, I like my contour kits.

I try to stick to simplicity and not overdo it. And always keep a pair of lashes and some glue on you laughs. You can never go wrong with lashes or get those individual lashes put on. Christina Milian finally gave us an answer to that burning question. In an emotional scene from tonight's rollercoaster episode of Christina Milian Turned Up, the singer and actress reveals the real reason behind her split with Lil Wayne!

When Lizzy Milian finds her sister crying in the backyard, Tina tells her the relationship is over because she found an Instagram photo of a woman wearing booty shorts and a sports bra and posing in the rapper's house!

Although Wayne initially tried to deny he was close with the anonymous girl, the proof was all in the picture.

christina milian and lil wayne relationship with nicki

Does Lil Wayne have a foot fetish?! After Christina confronts Lil Wayne in a text message about the suspicious social media post, the couple decides to go their separate ways.

Christina Milian Gushes About Lil' Wayne

I've never had anyone understand me the way that he has. Here are 8 more major moments from the dramatic episode! Lizzy goes shopping for sexy lingerie to surprise her boo on his birthday: Lizzy really wanted to make Dom's birthday extra special, so she brings Christina's creative director, CJ, with her to pick out some racy undergarments to wow him.

But Lizzy ends up shocking CJ when she steps out of the dressing room and models an extremely revealing teddy bodysuit that keeps flashing her nipples!

christina milian and lil wayne relationship with nicki

Danielle and hubby Richard visit the doctor and receive more bad news about their baby's condition: Danielle's doctor tells the couple their baby will have a long and difficult road ahead of him once he's born. They decide it's best to tell her mom and sisters how serious the condition really is. Christina tells her mom she's single again: After telling Lizzy about the breakup, Christina updates mom Carmen Milian on her current relationship status.

I don't think you're getting back what you're giving him.

Lizzy also offers her encouragement and support with some profoundly wise words for her sister: If you have to force it, it's probably s--t. Lizzy and Dom's cutest pics E! Danielle tells her family the truth about the complications with her pregnancy: