China and russia relationship with syria

China Looks for New Ways to Help Russia in Syria as U.S. Backs Israel Against Iran

china and russia relationship with syria

Russia's entry into the Syrian conflict in , Yurgens believes, was a “ maneuver” to get back to good relations with foreign governments in. “Beijing has been trying to mediate between the US and Russia. Beijing has good relations with the Syrian government as well as the moderate. The Chinese military attache in Syria, Wong Roy Chang, said that adding, “We – China and its military – wish to develop our relations with the Syrian army. As the Syrian conflict has raged, China has supported Russia.

For Iran, Syria is also a strategically key ally. It's Iran's main conduit to the Shiite militia Hezbollah in Lebanon, the proxy through which Iran can threaten Israel with an arsenal of short-range missiles.

Enter the dragon: China’s crucial role in winning Syria peace — RT Op-ed

Inthe top U. So, it's in Iran's interest to see al-Assad's regime remain intact. Western intelligence officials believe the Islamic Republic has provided technical help such as intelligence, communications and advice on crowd control and weapons as protests in Syria morphed into resistance.

Ayham Kamel of Eurasia Group believes the Iranians must be alarmed that the tide is turning against al-Assad.

china and russia relationship with syria

That information would make clear that Iran is increasingly likely to lose its only ally in the region, greatly reducing its strategic reach," he said.

Iran has cast events in Syria as part of a much broader ideological battle. It's a "war between the front of hegemony and the front of resistance," Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said.

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Iran's position, as outlined by Foreign Minister Javad Zarif and new President Hassan Rouhani, is that the Syrian government is a victim of international plots.

Iran believes the West and almost all Arab countries are in cahoots in an effort to implement regime change in Syria.

China opposes Western air strikes on Syria, calls for talks | South China Morning Post

That is why China is viewing Syria as an urgent priority. No doubt, Russia is well aware of this essential part of the geopolitical jigsaw puzzle.

One may surmise that Russia and China are working in tandem with regard to pursuing peace in Syria, albeit in a quietly spoken way. But now China is taking on the task of turning the diminished violence into a viable, lasting peace through reconstruction and economic revival. Both countries are not doing this solely out of altruism.

China and Russia, as well as Iran, India and others, stand to make lucrative gains from rebuilding an entire country.

China–Syria relations

Assad is looking eastwards for future prospects. Bringing peace to Syria is a cornerstone in the global economic development plans that China and Russia have, in particular, been advocating, sweeping across continents from Vladivostok to Lisbon, down through the Middle East to Africa. There are also specific security concerns for China and Russia in Syria from thousands of militants threatening to return to those countries.

There is estimated to be some 5, Uighur jihadists from China that have fought in Syria as part of the Western-backed regime change war.

china and russia relationship with syria

Read more China condemns US-led airstrikes in Syria, calls for restraint and dialogue As well as imposing sanctions on Syria and impeding investment for reconstruction, there are ominous signs that American, French and other NATO allies are trying to extend military pressure to carve up the country into occupied zones. There have been reports of increasing French troop numbers joining US forces in northern Syria. That relationship prevails today.

China Looks for New Ways to Help Russia in Syria as U.S. Backs Israel Against Iran

And most Syrians support President Assad. Western machinations over Syria have been a failure. The illegal war that Washington, Britain, France and their regional partners prosecuted has been a miserable waste.

But if China steps in with its colossal economic power, the attempted Western isolation of Syria will only turn out to be another huge loss.

china and russia relationship with syria