China and nepal relationship with

New outlook in Nepal's relations with India and China - Asia Times

china and nepal relationship with

In the aftermath of the earthquakes in Nepal, China and India immediately sent relief teams. The relief efforts in Nepal showcase a competitive aspect of. Oct 13, China is investing hundreds of millions of dollars in Nepal, its . a closer relationship with Nepal's giant northern neighbour, China,” a report by. The bilateral relation between Nepal and China has been friendly and is defined by the Sino-Nepal Treaty of Peace and Friendship signed on April 28, by.

china and nepal relationship with

The second exercise with the same title was successfully conducted this September in Chengdu of Sichuan Province. These drills have helped the participating soldiers share their experiences and skills with each other. However there have also been voices of concern. The Indian media have unnecessary hyped the Sino-Nepal military collaboration, projecting it as a threat to India.

Nepal-China defense cooperation builds on momentum

This is a zero-sum mentality that only hampers healthy relations among Nepal, India and China. In fact, Nepal has been involved in bilateral and multilateral military training with India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the U.

We have extended a military bond to China accordingly as both nations are guided by Panchsheel five principles of peaceful coexistence ," said DPM Pokharel. The NA-PLA cooperation covers an array of areas, including military training, humanitarian aid, disaster management, medical equipment and peace keeping operations.

Ties between China and India seem to be on the mend after the Doklam crisis with the informal meeting of Modi and Xi that took place recently in Wuhan, China.

Nepal-China defense cooperation builds on momentum -

The camaraderie between the two leaders should be treated with cautious optimism, as the divergent strategic interests and territorial issues between the two countries outweigh the possibility of perceiving each other as true friends in the long run. Unless India decides to join the China-led BRI, talks of a possible new world order will be premature.

The upcoming visit by Modi to Nepal can be analyzed from various angles. There is no doubt that the primary aim of his visit is to reassure that relations between Nepal and India are back to normal after the blockade, although India has never admitted that it had imposed any sort of blockade.

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The landslide victory of the Left Alliance in the Nepalese elections necessitated that India suspend the policy of carrying the constitutional amendment agenda of the Madesh-based parties for the time being so as to improve its relations with the Oli government.

In a symbolic gesture, Modi is being sympathetic to the Madesh-based parties by arriving first at Janakpur, the capital of the province and where these parties run the provincial government. Modi must be aware by now that nationalism is one of the core attributes of every Nepali citizen due to the proud fact that Nepal was never colonized in its history.

Winning the elections on a platform of prosperity and self-reliance, in which attracting Chinese investments figured prominently, the Nepalese leader has a major challenge ahead to fix the country's crippling infrastructure, boost cross-border connectivity, and diversify trade routes.

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Analysts such as Basnet, however, argue that Oli was just being pragmatic since he couldn't ignore New Delhi, which has immense clout over Nepal. Given India's deep penetration into Nepal's polity, it's only natural for a politician like him to keep engaging the Indian establishment," he said. This month's transit pact followed a series of exchanges between Kathmandu and Beijing, including a survey team that assessed the feasibility of high-speed railway between Kerung in Tibet and Kathmandu, which passes through a region prone to landslides and earthquakes.

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Nepal has already signed up to China's Belt and Road Initiative, hoping to attract much-needed investment through China's ambitious infrastructure project spread over Asia, Africa and Europe.

Li Tao, executive director of the Institute of South Asian Studies at Sichuan University in China, said the technical issues of the proposed railway, which has caused some worry in Nepal, were minor. Therefore, technical issues are not the biggest difficulty," she told Al Jazeera.

China has invested in hydropower, roads and telecommunications in Nepal.

china and nepal relationship with

While most Chinese investments are seen as benign, the China-Nepal railway project has triggered concerns in Nepal. Geja Sharma Wagle, a Kathmandu-based geostrategic analyst, said big infrastructure projects such as the railway should be built according to Nepal's national interest.

What is missing here is an objective assessment of the Chinese rail project. I, however, believe that as soon as China-Nepali Railway begins its operation, a large number of Chinese tourists will travel to Nepal, and contribute to the development of agriculture, hydropower and other resources in Nepal. Then, the trade imbalance problem will be greatly improved," she said.