Caroline mutoko and mutula kilonzo relationship marketing

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We have had Ida Odinga, Caroline Mutoko, Kethi Kilonzo and the former Eve Woman: Eight ways to know if your relationship is serious. Mutula Kilonzo was known to be having a relationship with Caroline Mutoko since sometime in the late s. Mutula and Mutoko met while. “Spare @Caroline Mutoko the rumours, that story doing rounds is NOT Mutula Kilonzo was known to be having a relationship with Caroline.

I suggest we skip that part. Not until he declares he banged her in the ass too.

caroline mutoko and mutula kilonzo relationship marketing

After that he also suggested another twitter bigwig by the name Mercymurugi who he described as a momo and a whore who had been run through by all the rugby players.

I told you, this guy has whores in almost all area codes. This was all cool, at least he was just like any other guy we thought. In the screenshot below he shares how he was pursuing a lass by the name bintim on twitter and whom he intended to rape because she had a penchant for prosecuting men.

caroline mutoko and mutula kilonzo relationship marketing

Evans had an issue with that and he was intent on making her pay. And guess who could back him up, Maina Kageni who actually told him and who they are boys with. Check it all out for yourself: Told you he was an interesting chap. And his boy elixir has threatened to come through with more screenshots.

By all accounts, this is a big role. People at that elevation in the public domain tend to be accountable: There is no role model who succeeeds on a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do sort of platform. If that is true, role models must therefore be continuously conscious of their image and its exposure to potentially damaging speculation.

Kiss 100’s Caroline Mutoko may be the mysterious lady in MUTULA KILONZO’s house

Regarding the late senator and the dalliance with the employer, several deadly issues arise. First of all, how proper is it for Caro to speak about Girl Power when it is suggested that she slept her way into a job, up the ladder and into unassailable career stability? How can she step up the lectern to exhort women to work their toned derrieres off and be independent when she stands accused of getting by through the most un-feminist congress with Patriarchy?

Additionally, if it is alleged that Mutoko was on an illicit assignation with the senator, and seeing him in fatal distress, fled the rendezvous to safeguard her reputation, is that not a deadly charge deserving comprehensive and well thought response?

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Is it enough that her sycophants plied her with confectionery and swore never to believe the reports? What does it do to the internet-consuming youth who look to her for example? It is therefore a happy thing that Mutoko responded to the allegations at all, even if only to reiterate her awesomeness and abuse sundry idiots.

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First was through some lengthy, tortured piece by her expatriated surrogate whose main theme was that Mutoko is special, hence the negative publicity. This week, she herself took up that theme, and harped long and hard over the earnings bloggers make, why she is such a logical target, given that her scintillating genius is an irresistible magnet to all haters, and how powerful women threaten idiots the world over, ad nauseam.

There was a ginger attempt to post screen shots of texts suggesting that the fallen senator and her only ever communicated on public-spirited matters. However, her response raised more questions than answers. First, obviously, is the indubitable fact that the screenshots that were published were carefully culled out of a mass of other exchanges.

That this redaction occurs compels punters to speculate that what was witheld is what they sought. Why suggest that every allegation is due to the fact that you are a living saint? Is she the one and only true goddess? Finally, there was the disturbingly gloating indication by Mutoko that the entire saga has enriched her organisation owing to publicity, her friends rallied and more clients are signing up.