Captain jack and ianto relationship

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captain jack and ianto relationship

Ianto Jones - Jack Harkness moments. Captain Jack Harkness. Ianto stands up to Ianto and Jack kiss desperately before the bomb goes off. Children of. Captain Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones, the star-crossed lovers of the British sci- fi series Torchwood, are reuniting in a new three-part audio. Much of Ianto's character development is centred on the character's relationship with Captain Jack. On the.

As they both continued to approach the creature before them, Jack suddenly stopped as he looked at the creature then to Ianto slightly and said "I need an distraction.

Ianto Jones

Do you mind if you could help me out here if possible? Ianto smiled as he went into his suit jacket pocket inside and pulled out a bar of Cadbury chocolate and said "well prepared for this kind of situation" as he walked off slowly, not to distract the attention of the creature from Jack's eyes for the moment until he was in a better place to become to new distraction.

Jack just smiled and slightly laughed to himself at the way Ianto had just been. He did have to admit, he was hot and well the smile Ianto looked over towards Jack as he was now well away from where Jack was standing and he took a deep breath in as he shouted "HEY Jack slowly made his way over, being careful not to scare or cause any further problems or make the creature fly off or even hurt himself or Ianto at the same time.

He continued to look at the creature and Ianto as he continued. Ianto by now had moved closer to the pterodactyl and he threw the chocolate right in front of the creature as it looked at him, then to the chocolate that was before it.

Jack screamed as he fell straight on top of Ianto who had he's hands out looking to catch Jack in them. Both men giggled as Jack was on top of Ianto looking deep into he's eyes, holding on to he's shirt, he's very tight shirt.

Ianto looked at Jack, in some ways he liked Jack being on top of him, feeling he's breath on him, the sweat that fell from his face. It was just all so beautiful, he was beautiful. As short lived as the moment came it went as fast as both boys got up off the ground, cleaning the dust and dirt off each other. Jack watched as he watched Ianto walk away from him.

He wondered for one moment. A moment that he saw flicker in Ianto's eyes. The spark of love and lust. He smiled as he shouted out to Ianto "Hey Work starts at nine Before he could get away any faster, Jack approached Ianto as he turned him around and looked into he's eyes, cupping his face and bringing him in for a deep kiss.

And if I ever do, I'll let you know. In the storyline's conclusion, an alternate timeline is created where Ianto did not die in the events of Children of Earth. Set after the events of the series, Ianto and the team make their first international adventure to CERN in Genevaas part of Radio 4's special celebration of the Large Hadron Collider being switched on.

Every day, I grow a little older. You've already lived a thousand lifetimes. How could you watch me grow old and die?

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How can I watch you live and never age a day? Chronologically, these occur between the second and third televised series but after "Lost Souls". AfterElton reviewers stated that the radio drama "delivers for Janto [a portmanteau used by the shipping fandom ] fans"; David-Lloyd delivers a monologue as Ianto, verbalising his insecurities to a comatose Jack.

When Jack awakens from his coma, he promises "You will never be just a blip in time, Ianto Jones.

captain jack and ianto relationship

Ianto encounters the spirit of his father, with the claim that he, Ianto's mother, Owen, Toshiko and Lisa will all be resurrected if Ianto betrays Jack. Exploiting its radio format, the drama reveals that Ianto too is a spirit, and that the story is a Jack solo mission set after series three. Jack and Ianto say a final goodbye and tell each other they love one another for the first time.

Jack attempts to return to the land of the living alongside Ianto, but Ianto stays behind to close the Cardiff Rift forever with Jack's device. David-Lloyd started the role believing Ianto would be killed off at the end of the first series, and was surprised when they "worked the character to become more popular, and it started growing from there. He started off with some nice but boring Marks and Spencers suits in series one, which were top-end fitted ones but always very sober. Towards the end of series one, I also got him into a waistcoat, and everyone thought that looked really good.

By Series Two, he'd got no secrets, his personality came out, and I think the writers enjoyed giving him lines that other characters couldn't get away with. Throughout the first series, Ianto's secrets are exposed to the team, particularly in "Cyberwoman" when his motives for joining Torchwood Three are exposed. David-Lloyd was "bowled over" by the Ianto-centric script for "Cyberwoman" and the "wide range of emotions" it allowed him to play. Appearing in series two, Ianto assists the team in field missions and is used by the writers as a vehicle for one-liner jokes.

It's just a question of where I see something that looks right for Gareth, so I've brought him a suit from Savile Row and suits from Zara and Next. We realised we could be a bit more flash with Ianto now he's come out of the background and started to assert himself a bit more.

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So we moved him into coloured shirts and snazzier ties. He started off in white and grey shirts but we realised his skin tones can take the extra colour and now he's evolving into something much sharper, which looks really good filmed in high definition.

Originally, his character was the one supposed to die at the end of series two episode " Reset ". The night before filming, however, Davies changed his mind and seven scripts began a process of being rewritten. New lines had to be handed to the actors on the day of filming. Davies also called a discussion with the actors involved to explain the change in the storyline. He felt that it was "great to be a fully-fledged member of the team now rather than just the administration man.

Although there was "a bit of disappointment", he considers himself "lucky" for lasting so long on the series, especially since Ianto was supposed to die in series two. He believed the character's death was justified by "the impact and the drama, and to keep the dangerous reality of Torchwood ever present". Although it was "a tragedy that [Ianto] died", David-Lloyd felt that the series had "addressed everything about him that needed to be said". Ianto's death also precedes the death of Captain Jack's grandson Steven Bear McCauslandand for that scene to occur it necessitated making Jack "badly, badly damaged".

Ianto's death caused "maximum damage" to Jack, and the loss of his lover and grandson makes Children of Earth a tale of retribution, as Jack had given away twelve children to the same aliens in Davies has said that Ianto is "absolutely dead". He explains his reasoning; because it's a "much more real world in Torchwood", it wouldn't work to " regenerate or go to a parallel universe. On the character's evolution from minor character to romantic interest, [43] Gareth David-Lloyd has commented that "To have a storyline where you're involved with the leading character for any actor is awesome.

I think he lost meaning. He was tortured and Jack gave him that meaning back. And reliability that he'll always be there, I think. So, it's really great and I think that's what makes him warm to other people. It makes him more approachable. Ianto's always bearing his emotional side and vulnerable side and keeping his feet on the ground. I think of all the characters, he's the one who tries to keep everyone else's feet on the ground. He brings everyone back to reality, often with a dry, witty remark or taking a dig at somebody just to sort of bring people back down.

At the moment, I think there's two different sorts of love going on there. To him, Ianto views the relationship as "serious and committed", as seen in " A Day in the Death " where he tells Owen that it is not just about sex. However, from dialogue in " Something Borrowed ", Walker believes that Jack appears to equate his relationship with Ianto to nothing more than a "recreational activity".

Walker also notes how important it was for Ianto when he cut in to dance with Jack, as this is the first time that his relationship with Jack is presented before the rest of the crew.

captain jack and ianto relationship

I can't help it, though. I've never been much good at casual. Encountering Ianto's spirit at a haunted location in Wales, Jack and Ianto are permitted a final goodbye. Without Ianto in his life, Jack wishes to be swept up into the Rift as it closes in an attempt at suicide.

Ianto tricks Jack into leaving the House of the Dead, however, despite the possibility of resurrection. As they are forced to part forever by the closing of the Rift, the couple declare their love for one another for the first and last time. Because Ianto's storyline grows out of the reality of the show, "it plays with such genuine sympathy and pathos that Jones's eventual fate is easily the miniseries' most powerful moment.

They compared the death scene to that of Tara Amber Benson in Joss Whedon 's Buffy the Vampire Slayer which he felt was more satisfying, although "unbearably sad" because of its pivotal role in the character arc for Willow Alyson Hanniganand as being "possibly the single most significant event in the whole seven-season series.

Den of Geek felt the real tension of knowing any character could die, however popular, was "refreshing" in comparison to impossibly death-defying characters such as 24 's Jack Bauer Kiefer Sutherland.

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Ianto's death was compared to that of Tara as in the above critiques, but also contrasted to other television series where lesbian and gay couples were able to have enduring relationships, such as Six Feet Under 's David Fisher Michael C. Hall and Keith Charles Mathew St. Ianto's death can be argued to be a dramatic necessity which adds to character and narrative development.

The article intentionally avoided making a definitive conclusion as to which "side" of the argument was correct.

These latter deaths are described as even more heartbreaking than Ianto's, and Young argues that these character deaths tell us more about transatlantic differences in storytelling than about portrayals of sexuality. The website End of Show comments that "writer James Moran was so inundated with messages to his Twitter account that he posted a number of impassioned pleas to tone down the vitriol.