Business and society relationship pdf file

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business and society relationship pdf file

Three dimension of government-civil society relations. .. In relation to many civil society organisations governments rely on extensive . churches, trade unions, cultural associations, political parties, business associations, etc. In sum: “the. We are a new INSEAD institute exploring the intersection of business and society . We will engage our alumni community and build relationships with public. In this address, I outline a “back to basics” approach to specifying the responsibilities and role of business in relation to society. Three “basics”.

Civil society

This gave birth to absolutism. These questions led them to make certain assumptions about the nature of the human mind, the sources of political and moral authoritythe reasons behind absolutism, and how to move beyond absolutism. The Enlightenment thinkers believed in the inherent goodness of the human mind.

They opposed the alliance between the state and the Church as the enemy of human progress and well-being because the coercive apparatus of the state curbed individual liberty and the Church legitimated monarchs by positing the theory of divine origin.

Therefore, both were deemed to be against the will of the people. Strongly influenced by the atrocities of Thirty Years' War, the political philosophers of the time held that social relations should be ordered in a different way from natural law conditions.

Some of their attempts led to the emergence of social contract theory that contested social relations existing in accordance with human nature. They held that human nature can be understood by analyzing objective realities and natural law conditions.

Thus they endorsed that the nature of human beings should be encompassed by the contours of state and established positive laws. Thomas Hobbes underlined the need of a powerful state to maintain civility in society.

business and society relationship pdf file

For Hobbes, human beings are motivated by self-interests Graham Moreover, these self-interests are often contradictory in nature. Therefore, in state of naturethere was a condition of a war of all against all. In such a situation, life was "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short" Ibid: Upon realizing the danger of anarchy, human beings became aware of the need of a mechanism to protect them.

Civil society - Wikipedia

As far as Hobbes was concerned, rationality and self-interests persuaded human beings to combine in agreement, to surrender sovereignty to a common power Kaviraj John Locke had a similar concept to Hobbes about the political condition in England. It was the period of the Glorious Revolution, marked by the struggle between the divine right of the Crown and the political rights of Parliament.

This influenced Locke to forge a social contract theory of a limited state and a powerful society. However, it could be maintained at the sub-optimal level in the absence of a sufficient system Brown From that major concern, people gathered together to sign a contract and constituted a common public authority.

Nevertheless, Locke held that the consolidation of political power can be turned into autocracy, if it is not brought under reliable restrictions Kaviraj Therefore, Locke set forth two treaties on government with reciprocal obligations.

In the first treaty, people submit themselves to the common public authority. This authority has the power to enact and maintain laws. The second treaty contains the limitations of authority, i.

business and society relationship pdf file

As far as Locke was concerned, the basic rights of human beings are the preservation of life, liberty and property. You have a positive social impact on your employees if you pay them a living wage and benefits to reduce the stress of unexpected events.

You have a positive effect on your suppliers if you pay them fairly and on time for their supplies. Your effect on customers is positive if you give them good value for the price they pay for your products and services.

Governance The social impact of corporate governance contributes to the ethical climate of society. If businesses offer bribes to secure work or other benefits, engage in accounting fraud, or break regulatory and legal constraints on their operations, the ethics of society suffer. In addition to a deteriorating ethical environment, such corruption may raise the price of goods for consumers, such as happens when companies engage in price fixing.

business and society relationship pdf file

Privacy To process orders and deliver services, companies have to collect personal information on their customers. Some information may be sensitive, such as when companies deliver medical services and have medical histories on file. Businesses have a negative impact on society if consumers find out that companies are not keeping such information secure or are selling it to third parties. The lack of trust inhibits the free exchange of personal and private information that facilitates carrying on business efficiently.

Intellectual Property Respect of patents and copyrights is both a social and ethical issue.