Breaking bad walter and jesse relationship questions

'Breaking Bad' creator answers finale questions: Has Walt's cancer returned? |

breaking bad walter and jesse relationship questions

Breaking Bad Recap: Questions about the Finale “Full Measures” and In “Half Measures,” we saw how far Walt would go to protect Jesse. . But with their professional relationship with Gus strained to the max, money could. The Walt-Jesse Connection: How Breaking Bad Always Came Down to Plus, see the chart below for a history of Walt and Jesse's relative ups. Walt's relationship with Jesse was one of the most complicated and fascinating partnerships to ever be depicted on the small screen. There are.

To me, Walter didn't win. And he lost the game pretty badly. The money he made?

Breaking Bad: Walt/Jesse

Somewhere in a hidden Nazi room, just waiting for a bunch of kids to stumble upon it Goonies-style. And oh yeah, he's also dead.

breaking bad walter and jesse relationship questions

So you take a look at that scorecard and tell me if you think he won. He hit a home run in the ninth inning, but he was already way down in the score. And this is one of the things that makes Breaking Bad so great, there's more to the question than that.

From Walter's perspective, there is that side of him who rightfully believes he won. He was living the life of a castrated man who got yelled at by a guy with huge eyebrows while working a second job at a car wash, and then he used his talents to become someone new and he grew some gigantic testicles as a result.

As Walter laid there dying on the floor, his smirk said, "That was fun. Taking away all the carnage he left in his wake, Walter had a pretty good run for a man with a terminal illness, didn't he? Did Walter White redeem himself? He redeemed himself as much as one man can in that situation. Would we look at Walter the same way? So for Walter to completely redeem himself, he'd need to undo a lot.

breaking bad walter and jesse relationship questions

And last time I checked, bringing chicks who choked on their own vomit back to life was pretty hard to do. However, he did make an effort to see that Walter Jr. But is it a step in the right direction?

It was a good way to send Walter out on an upswing, leaving us to remember the man in a more positive light than we otherwise might have.

And maybe there's a hint that no matter how bad Heisenberg got, there was a little Walter White in him that would never go away.

breaking bad walter and jesse relationship questions

Where did Jesse go? What happened to Skyler? Here's where we get to have a little fun because we just don't know. Some will say that Jesse drove away to star in a Need For Speed moviewhich makes sense given how fast he was truckin' into the desert night when we last saw him.

But let's face the facts here. Jesse is a sensitive guy with an addictive personality, two things that, when combined together, mean that his life is going to suck. I'm sure he made some effort to help Brock out, but the chances that he and Brock lived happily ever after in the champagne rooms of strip clubs are slim.

In all likelihood, Jesse cried a lot and hung out with Wendy where he dated women who were killed, leading him to slowly deteriorate into junkie hell. Also, Jesse killed Gale in a residential complex not accustomed to gun shots going off at night. The cops are already gunning it there. I mean, Jesse left the front door open when he pulled the trigger. I mean, in a realer world, Victor would wipe Jesse off the planet, but Jesse needs a badass moment.

It mighty counter the mortality issues I mentioned above. What type of evidence might Gale have in his apartment linking him to Gus? Who is Gale, really? Maybe he keeps paper records or bills lying around with large deposits that can be traced to a front company? We know Jesse, and the arcade, are closer. Gus just visited Gale.


Might his fingerprints be on the living room table and so forth? This will be a super tricky corner for the writers to get out of. Now that Gale is dead, is Walt really no longer expendable?

And is Jesse off the hook? Pretending like nothing happened? Resume the mundane work week back at the lab? How about those Lakers? Victor or hidden cameras or otherwise. What a snobbish thing to quibble over… Drug empires are built on power, not recipes.

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That said, the number of brilliant chemists available to cook meth full-time is low. Which begs the question, why does Walt have to personally cook up each batch? What about the millions of dollars owed to Jesse and Walt? But with their professional relationship with Gus strained to the max, money could be a real point of contention, after survival.

For the sake of evidence, he finally has to. Buy an Audi station-wagon, or would that be a giveaway? The writers can always fall back on Walt getting sick. Walt, in my mind, does indeed have cancer.

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And it is in remission right now, but remission, it should be noted, does not necessarily mean a total cure. But his current state of relative health is kind of an irony in itself. For the last recap, there was a discussion I omitted about whether it would be cool to do an entire season set in prison.

Why do you think that is? Especially compared to the grandiose, hell-hath-fury finale last year.