Bray wyatt and bo dallas relationship expert

How WWE can use the real-life relationship of Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas as a storyline

bray wyatt and bo dallas relationship expert

Windham Lawrence Rotunda (born May 23, ) is an American professional wrestler. . Wyatt suffered his first loss on the March 13 episode of NXT to Bo Dallas. .. Rotunda is in a relationship with WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman. Last night on RAW, delusional motivational speaker Bo Dallas Why we indulge this sort of toxic relationship with the WWE I cannot say. 1) He gets in ears, giving advice that seems smart but is long-run harmful to his peers A third problem has also been brewing, not with Bo Dallas but with Bray Wyatt. Real life brothers making it into the same promotion is not a rare sight in the professional wrestling business. Bray and Bo was born into a wrestling family that gave some big names to the business. WWE SummerSlam The Wyatt Family The Usos John Cena Jey Uso Jimmy Uso Chris.

bray wyatt and bo dallas relationship expert

Orton and Kelly Kelly had a short fling while Orton was still married back in And it was reported that he and JoJo were also together for a few months after she joined the company in Orton obviously went on to meet Kim Kessler in and it seems that ever since then he has only had eyes for her.

Orton seems to have become a much better-behaved person since he met Kim and many think that she has been the positive influence that The Apex Preditor has needed.

While he was wrestling in school gyms and nightclubs, Harper had matches against the likes of Cesaro and Dean Ambrose.

bray wyatt and bo dallas relationship expert

It seems that Cesaro and Harper have remained good friends ever since and have been able to continue their friendship since they were both signed to WWE. Promo ability could come into the reasoning as to why these two are not already considered to be main event calibre stars. They don't seem like the kind of people who would have anything but wrestling in common, but it seems that their friendship has already lasted for many years.

So there is a definite link between them.

Of course, this is just the character that Baron plays. In actual fact, he has many friends backstage and one of these is Erick Rowan. Corbin and Rowan are an odd couple to think about hanging around backstage or even just going to pick coffee up together, but it's nice to see that the fact that they have been put together in NXT and SmackDown has led to a real life friendship.

Wrestling does often throw out many strange friendships, but this is one of the oddest that has been reported. The Lone Wolf and the man in a sheep mask, maybe there is a strange link?

bray wyatt and bo dallas relationship expert

The duo have seen their careers run side by side, but it seems that recently Bo's has gone off the deep end while Bray has finally been given the push he has deserved for a number of years.

Both brothers are talented wrestlers and there were once rumours that Bo could be joining Bray in The Wyatt Family. He would go on to defeat El Torito for his twelfth victory [55] and then defeated both Diego and Torito in a handicap match as his thirteenth and fourteenth victories. Dallas's undefeated streak was ended by R-Truth [61] on the July 28 episode of Raw, prompting a small feud between the two.

bray wyatt and bo dallas relationship expert

Dallas then scored three wins over Henry in both singles and tag team matches, before being quickly defeated by Henry in a match on the Hell in a Cell pre-show, ending their feud.

On the May 18 episode of Raw, Dallas reignited his rivalry with Nevilleattacking him before and after his match with King Barrett.

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Battlegroundtaking them out of action. Dallas would continue defeating local competitors the following weeks. The following week on Raw, Dallas defeated Neville with Axel in his corner, and after the match, attacked Axel. The following week, Dallas defeated Axel by pinning him while grabbing Axel's tights.

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Later that night, the duo appeared in bear costumes during a in ring segment between Miz and his wife Marysewhere they came to reveal themselves and ally with Miz by attacking Dean Ambrose. In November, after Miz would take a brief hiatus to film The Marine 6Dallas and Axel would form a short alliance with Eliaswhere on the November 27 episode of Raw, Dallas and Axel would try and help Elias defeat Roman Reigns to win the Intercontinental Championship, however, Reigns would retain the title.

In the following weeks, The B-Team transitioned into faces.

bray wyatt and bo dallas relationship expert