Blood lad staz and fuyumi relationship quotes

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blood lad staz and fuyumi relationship quotes

Staz Fuyumi | Blood Lad Anime Group, Manga Anime, Anime Art, Manga Art Anime Quotes - Bộ sưu tập - Google+ Image Boards, Anime Couples, Mobile. Staz x Fuyumi, Blood Lad, Staz Charlie Blood, Fuyumi, Coloring. ΗѲΠΞΨ . relationship advise. ΗѲΠΞΨ The source of Anime quotes & Manga quotes: Photo. These are the characters from Blood LadStaz Charlie Blood The main Other characters view Staz as a lazy moron who does nothing and has too much free time, Affectionate Gesture to the Head: He pats Fuyumi on the head in chapter .. to find a magical Bass capable of destroying Akim's connection to his magic.

Personality Edit He is frequently shown to be rebellious and lazy, prepared to sit back and read manga whilst everyone else does the work. However, once he decides to do something, he is extremely driven and focused. He doesn't have many friends but is extremely loyal to those close to him.

He also perceives his immense power as a "burden" due to the fact that he was frequently tortured and experimented on by his older brother during his youth in order to awaken his full potential for his own purposes.

Additionally, because he is one of the strongest demons in the Lower Demon World, he is constantly sought after by demons so that they can challenge him for his territory. Plot Edit When he meets Yanagi Fuyumi after she is brought to his room, he falls in love with the bloodlust at first sight and changes his life goal to befriend her. But as you know it, she is eaten by a carnivorous plant and becomes a ghost, making her no longer human.

Staz realizes that she is no longer drawn to her the way he was when she was flesh and blood, so he promises to protect her and retrieve her.

To retrieve it, he will do anything, even becoming her vampire bodyguard and letting her drink his blood. Through this, he goes through many attempts to find a way to retrieve it. When he was younger, his complete demonic power was sealed by his older brother, Braz.

blood lad staz and fuyumi relationship quotes

Because Braz forced his powers to awaken at a very young age, Staz's young body was not able to deal with such strong powers. This resulted in Braz having to put a magic bullet in his heart. When Staz will question his older brother about how to resuscitate a human, they make a deal that if he fights with Pantomime, he will explain the process to him. However, Pantomime is too strong to be defeated with Staz's powers in his current state. Therefore, Braz launches the sealed spell, and Staz again regains his full magical abilities, allowing him to win the Pantomime.

Later in the story, after several different tests, Staz is ordered by Hydra Chiefs to make a vow to help Fuyumi recover her life, but to do so, he must follow her every whim.

From a young age, Staz had demonstrated a frighteningly powerful ability, which was then sealed away by his brother. Even with his sealed powers, Staz was a rather powerful demon easily able to maintain his territory without issue. After having his power unmarked by his brother, Staz becomes much more powerful. He is now able to manifest his power in a physical form, taking the form of a hand with open circles in the joints and in the middle of the palm.

Staz has shown using this hand as an attack, hitting or catching an enemy, and a mode of transport, using it as a platform to stay ahead while traveling. Staz is expert in using his demonic power to attack from a distance. He does this by extending his magical energy from his body to affect his opponent directly or the environment around him, such as using it to strike with powerful blows or create huge eruptions of energy from the ground.

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The manifestation of Staz' magic Special Moves: ZIP - Staz extends his magical energy from his body and concentrates it on his opponent's vital organs usually the heart. He then clenches his hand into a fist as if he is physically crushing an object, causing his opponent's heart to burst. Knell Hydra Voiced by: Often subjected to very unlucky moments, particularly being kicked in the groin by his older sister. He uses a white cloth as this. Similar powers with Bell, but less powerful.

Knell was born AFTER the fusion of Nyen and her human Doppleganger, making him part human and part demon just how much remains to be seen.

blood lad staz and fuyumi relationship quotes

He happens to be Fuyumi's younger half-brother. Despite being ordered to kidnap Fuyumi, he happens to be a very friendly person at heart and ensures Fuyumi's safety and hospitality. His room behind his white cloth even resembles a living room. Every time he and Bell are in a scene together, he's suffering groin damage. Younger Than They Look: Wolf's father and former king of Makai. The most benevolent thing he's done for his son is abandon him to live on his own for 10 years.

For the first half of the manga. He knew full well what Braz was up to, and let it happen to create a being powerful enough to stop Grimm's return.

blood lad staz and fuyumi relationship quotes

It succeeded, in the worst possible way. Good Scars, Evil Scars: His face has several vertical scars on it. Hero of Another Story: Sealed up Herrshaft Grimm 10 years ago and became Makai's king. A particularly nasty one to Braz, and Wolf. If he has to attack an opponent at range, he does so with giant spikes of light. Otherwise, he rips them apart with teeth, claws, and enormous brute strength. Very strong and very fast. Unknown to Braz, this is the truth about Ricardz's death. He can change from man-form to wolf-form and back again at will.

To show just how dangerous Akim is, Wolf Daddy gets taken apart with ease, and that's after spending numerous chapters showing just how strong Wolf Daddy is. The father of Braz, Liz, and Staz. Braz used Akim to round up parts of the most powerful Mazoku, and give them to his father. Unfortunately, this allowed Akim to home in on Richardz and kill him, again.

It wasn't by choice, but he died as a result of the fight with Grimm 10 years ago. Part of what sealed Grimm 10 years ago was Richardz absorbing part of his power, and he begged Wolf Daddy to kill him before it corrupted him and made him mad, like Grimm. How Akim makes him die the second time. Stabs Braz and Staz with a magical knife to send them into a near-death state so they could learn the truth about Grimm, and "The Door.

It's difficult to mention this character without spoiling the second half of the series. Originally a messenger, black-ops agent for King Wolf Daddy. Not only is he one, he starts making an army of them when Makai starts to fight back against him. He gives The Joker a run for his money in this department. Eventually becomes one for the series as a whole.

He makes himself stronger by stealing and assimilating body parts of other Mazoku. He is so eager to take Grimm's powers that he fails to realize that Grimm comes with them. Akim notices the corruption due to Grimm faster than anyone, and is well aware that Braz plans to kill him with poison. After being offered a Morton's Forkto decide which death would be more "beautiful," Grimm takes over before he has a chance to answer. He explains how his abilities work while he fights.

Justified in that he only explains it after he's beat down and crippled his opponents, to further demoralize and humiliate them. Feed It with Fire: After assimilating Ricardz Blood, using magic on him only serves to make him stronger, as Wolf Daddy found out, the hard way. He is completely incapable of feeling pain.

blood lad staz and fuyumi relationship quotes

He really doesn't have a reason for all the bloodshed and chaos he's causing, he just enjoys doing it. Wolf Daddy was looking for someone strong enough to oppose Grimm. Akim qualifies, but actually wants Grimm's power for himself, and used his new powers to blow the door to Grimm's cage, permanently.

He becomes one after assimilating Grimm. In Love with Your Carnage: He calls the death and destruction he causes "beautiful" along with the people he kills. He is very often laughing like a loon, especially when he's in battle. He's been running around grabbing body parts from various Mazoku to improve himself. Braz should really have destroyed the corpse when he had the chance.

When he touches Mazoku for any length of time, he can copy their powers and abilities. Until he decided he should be in charge. Readings Are Off the Scale: One of the first things he does is make Braz manufacture a power sensor so he can find the "best" parts.

An initial test on himself reads at approximatelyIt only keeps going up from there, no matter how fast or flashily he spends his power. They are all pointy and razor sharp. He has one black lock of hair, the rest is very white or silver. Spanner in the Works: Wolf Daddy, Braz, and even Richardz's plans all went up in smoke thanks to him.

He can fire these from his body. On both ends of this. He gets worfed by Staz when Staz got his limiter removed, only to turn around and Worf Richardz, Wolf Daddy, and Staz after stealing Richardz's powers when he took his heart back, and then Worfs all of Makai after assimilating Grimm. One of Akim's first "children. She's not only seriously challenged both mentally and emotionally, but often forgets what she's doing, or why.

Sees ripping people apart as nothing more than a game, but truly does not understand why that's wrong. Like Akim, she's really a corpse animated by magic. She has bunny ears and a bunny tail. She goes after Fuyumi because she thinks Fuymi's breasts are a "good part" due to the fact that they're bigger than her own.

Despite not being able to feel pain, she thinks a blow to the chin, supposedly able to liquefy her brain, is fun, and asks White Step to do it again.

This in addition to enjoying ripping people apart. While she can feel pleasure and has a sense of touch, she does not feel pain. I Just Want to Have Friends: After meeting Patty, she wants to have friends, because Patty, rather than trying to kill her or beat her down, wanted to make friends with her instead.

She just wants to be entertained. If she's given something to do that's fun, she will happily overlook fighting and killing people. The Second of Akim's "children. There's considerable debate, in universe, if Kelly is a boy or girl. It is not certain if Kelly is "just following orders" or really enjoys going out and engaging in wanton slaughter and destruction.

In any case, Kelly really doesn't have a chance in trying to defy Akim. An Arm and a Leg: One of the first things Akim does to test his most recent "child," Amber, is have Kelly and Amber try to remove each other's body parts.

Amber rips off one of her arms before Akim even says "start. Like Akim and all his other "children," s he's really just a corpse animated by magic. Depending on whether Kelly is male or female, the only thing that's certain is that Kelly is noted to be very physically attractive. Kelly has feline features, notably the ears and claws. Is very tan, and has very light hair. Always has a scowl. Apparently "Kelly Green" is a color, like Burgundy and Amber. The third, last shown, and most powerful of Akim's "children.

  • Wolf Daddy:
  • Yanagi Fuyumi
  • Staz Charlie Blood

Like Burgundy, he seems to have the mentality of a small child. As is the case with the rest of Akim's "family", he's just a corpse animated by magic. Noted to not be particularly intelligent. Has not been noted to be capable of feeling pain. Incredibly fast and strong. Nothing compared to Akim, however. Off with His Head! Akim takes his head off when they "play" the same "game" Akim had him playing with Kelly earlier. Like Burgundy and Kelly Green, his name is a color. The leading police officer in the Palacial district.

The person wearing them The first, and possibly only, police officer that actually follows a set of policies and procedures recognizable by a reader in modern society.

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When using "Cool Head" the frozen target is not physically damaged in any way. His ability "Cool Head" can be used to trap people in ice when he's touched. His powerset matches his mood. When he's angry he summons a demon "angry" that is Playing with Fire while when he's cool and calm, he becomes An Ice Person.

blood lad staz and fuyumi relationship quotes

When he's angry, his demon Angry can breathe fire. Don't touch her tail. She is frighteningly easy to piss off. She has a tail that ends with a snake's head, that has fangs and bites. It's rare to see her without bubble-gum in her mouth. She is wildly immature and unstable, emotionally and mentally.

Her vocabulary is peppered with profanity. Thanks to going through Staz's manga collection trying to find some idea of Akim's weakness, seeing as several items from the manga do indeed exist in Makai, if somewhat different, she winds up dragging her superior along to find a magical Bass capable of destroying Akim's connection to his magic.

Amazingly, chapter 65 shows such a Bass does indeed exist. But turns into a "Shaggy Dog" Story when everybody learns that the bass is just a replica based on the manga story.

A squad of bounty hunters hired by Fuymi's "mother" Neyn to test Staz's resolve, by trying to kill him. They are all quite odd, to put it mildly. Still they are noted to be quite competent in their field, and even had Staz on the ropes for a while. While fighting Staz, those with powers boasted, in exquisite detail, exactly how they work. While quite dangerous, they're nowhere near as nasty as their reputation suggests.