Big bang theory sheldon and amys relationship agreement

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big bang theory sheldon and amys relationship agreement

Amy Farrah Fowler (TV character) The Big Bang Theory (TV series) Do you think Sheldon's relationship agreement with Amy is a good. Quote from The Big Bang Theory │ Amy Farrah Fowler: I thought I'd let Harry Potter make things hotter. Amy Farrah Fowler: I got a Gryffindor robe for you. In "Big Bang Theory's" Season 8 episode "The Fi Image Source: YouTube/ CBS. Always have an ironclad relationship agreement.

He yelled at her He was excited He ghosted her Before Sheldon and Amy were officially a couple, Amy asked him if he would be willing to meet her mother. Question 11 Sheldon first experienced jealousy when Amy was attracted to who? He smells like baby powder He sucks his thumb He thrown tantrums His food choices Drunk Amy is a whole lot of fun to watch, and when she goes out on girls night with Penny, Bernadette and Sheldon who is tagging alongdrinking certainly loosened her tongue.

What about Sheldon prompted this bizarre comparison? Question 13 What did Amy do immediately after kissing Sheldon for the first time? Immediately after kissing him, and before he takes care of her until she passes out on the bathroom floor, what does Amy do?

Question 14 Sheldon became jealous because Amy went to a wedding with whom? Leonard Raj Stuart There have been a few different weddings on the show, including two within the core group of friends Howard and Bernadette and Leonard and Penny. She took another friend, and while the two had fun, a misunderstanding the morning after led Sheldon to get upset. Who was it that went to the wedding with Amy? Question 15 Who did Amy go on a date with before she and Sheldon made their relationship official?

He refused to admit that he was jealous at first, even though he was stalking her date on social media and trying to keep tabs on her.

big bang theory sheldon and amys relationship agreement

Eventually, he realized that he had feelings for Amy, and ended up crashing her date to confess his feelings and ask her to be his girlfriend. Question 16 During which episode did they officially become a couple?


Eventually, however, they did admit to the world that they were a couple after a little jealousy and confusion! Question 17 How many pages were in their original relationship agreement?

When he and Amy officially got together, he naturally drew one up for them, as well. He brought it to her apartment to sign, and she actually found it quite romantic which shows how perfect they are together.

big bang theory sheldon and amys relationship agreement

He picks the day of the month that works best for him, of course - but which day is it? Question 19 What gift did Sheldon first get Amy to apologize to her?

big bang theory sheldon and amys relationship agreement

However, when the two were first together, he needed a little help from Penny on how to make things right, and she suggested to Sheldon to get Amy a present. Question 21 Which movie did Sheldon borrow from to tell Amy how he feels?


Because I feel stronger and weaker at the same time, I feel excited and at the same time terrified. Question 22 Why did Sheldon spank Amy? Although they are all amazing gifts, Sheldon rejects the first two and keeps the third - what does he give her instead? Question 24 What couples costume does Sheldon suggest for Halloween?

What did he want them to dress up as?

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Question 25 Where did Sheldon kiss Amy properly for the first time? Technically, it happened in the middle of a fight, as Sheldon wanted to prove that he was being romantic enough for her… but it quickly turned passionate or as passionate as Sheldon gets!

Where did it happen? He lists the work of Berscheid, Snyder, and Omoto and their relationship scale for predicting the stability of a relationship.

He gives himself and Amy a solid score - and Penny refuses to take the test for her and Leonard. Sheldon is not a fan of Christmas and was annoyed Amy was making him come to her dinner party. In traditional Sheldon Cooper form, he tried to teach Amy a lesson by buying her a memorable Christmas gift. This way, she would feel terrible about receiving a gift and not having one to give back.

Yes, in short - Sheldon wanted Amy to feel bad. Since this is Christmas we're talking about, Sheldon gifted Amy his sweet gift and expected Amy to be devastated at having nothing to gift in return. To his dismay, Amy grabs a gift from under the tree and gives it to Sheldon. Inside were cookies made just the way his meemaw makes them. After Steuart's comic book store burned to a crisp in a fire, the gang begins to ponder investing money into their beloved shop.

The four of them really considered putting in money for some ownership rights to get the store back on its feet. And it's here that the group decides if and when they tell their significant others about the decision. Knowing that he would keep his future wife in the loop of all his endeavors. However, later in the episode, the scene moves to Sheldon and Amy in the kitchen drinking tea. And it's here when Sheldon asks Amy's opinion on whether he should finance the comic book store or not.

It's times like these I wish I could tell Amy what he was thinking! We kind of love how mature Sheldon is in all terms of his life, but there are small moments where he acts like a complete child; i. The two built it together in the living room and sat on the floor to get the whole feel for the fort. However, as we know, Sheldon gives himself a strict bedtime of 9 or 10 PM depending on what's going onand as his bedtime came, he decided he wasn't ready for the fun with Amy to end gasp!

He asks if Amy would like to spend the night on the couch, of course. No girls allowed in his bed! It was then that found out Amy hid an overnight bag in his apartment in case a situation like this occurred. We all figured Sheldon would be freaked out and feel violated, but on the contrary, he was turned on by her "preparedness.

There are plenty of rules and deadlines that need to be followed or else all hell will break loose. Which is actually just Sheldon rambling about feeling betrayed. He's also not very open with his feelings or affections, so it's hard for Amy to know where Sheldon's head is at in their relationship. Does he love her?

big bang theory sheldon and amys relationship agreement

Does he think about her? Does he see a future with her? These are all questions Amy has from time to time. However, in this episode, Leonard helps Amy realize how much she means to Sheldon by showing her his laptop. As it turns out, Amy was Sheldon's screensaver on his laptop! Which, of course, means he went out of the way to add her photo and liked to see her face while he was working.