Athiya shetty and sooraj pancholi relationship advice

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athiya shetty and sooraj pancholi relationship advice

the theatres but Superstar says his focus is to make its lead actors Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty the next stars of Bollywood. NOW PLAYING: Relationships . Top tips to make sure you have the perfect bridal hairdo. The Mumbai Police on Wednesday claimed that Sooraj Pancholi has ever since he had bagged a movie with Suneil Shetty's daughter Athiya. We told you how newcomers Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty haven't Salman Khan has also advised Sooraj to lie low on the relationship.

For about six months, I had to eat my seven meals a day and take my supplements on time, with utmost dedication. I basically did all the things that I did earlier, but now did it with more focus. My martial arts trainer, Bikas Barua, gave a different edge to my body by training me in kicks and punches.

athiya shetty and sooraj pancholi relationship advice

Currently, I do an hour of cardio, mostly running on the treadmill in the morning, along with some basic body stretches. I then do weight training in the evening at around 5 p. I do two body parts a day; i. Thrice a week, in the evenings, I practise martial arts. I train six days a week.

Sunday is my cheat day, and I eat everything that day. I have about seven dogs now, so I take them out on Sundays for a walk on the beach. Earlier, I never used to train my back.

athiya shetty and sooraj pancholi relationship advice

But when I started to do photoshoots, I noticed that my front looked very good, but as I turned around, my back was sort of flat. There was no definition or muscle. I have seven meals a day. Early in the morning, I am high on carbs but as the day progresses, I cut down my carbs.

Breakfast mostly comprises six eggs with three yolks, oats and dry fruits. Post workout, I take my protein shake hydro whey from ONNeggs and a piece of bread. Lunch features bajra roti and either kheema, chicken tikka or tandoori fish. These keep repeating throughout the day with lesser amount of carbs though.

What are the challenges of being a star kid? There are lots of expectations. And my parents have been in the industry for more than two decades. Then, you get way more criticism than others. But you have to work hard, because you want to make your own identity. I have a bunch of five friends and Athiya is one of them. Actually, she and I clicked the first day we met; we are both Scorpions. And with Salman Khan I already see that they are really happy and proud.

And that makes me happy too. In 10 years from now, even if you are a superstar, I want you to enter your set like a worker, my mom said that to me. Deadlifts for my back. I like clothes and I enjoy putting looks together. I am lucky to have a great stylist Ami Patel. But fashion will always be secondary to acting. For me, the key is always to look effortless.

What kind of films do you want to be a part of? Instead, I have a list of directors I want to work with. When I wasI thought I should know something about films. I worked as an assistant director on Guzaarish. Then, I started working on Ek Tha Tiger as an assistant What was it that caught your fancy? It was everything… the life of an actor is just so exciting. The action, the music and dancing When did you meet Salman Khan for the first time?

It was at Yash Raj Studios. When Salman Sir got to know who I was, he called me and asked what I was doing.

I told Sooraj not to follow me: Father Aditya Pancholi

He got me introduced to Kabir Sir. He would make me sit with him and talk about working out and sports.

athiya shetty and sooraj pancholi relationship advice

We never spoke about films. He asked me just once: Again, I said yes! You started shooting Hero three years after that conversation! I never gave up hope because I was sure that Salman Sir will do something for me. I just started preparing… I was doing action, dancing and diction classes. He called me almost two years after that initial conversation in Turkey to tell me that they have the script.

Within a year, I started shooting.

Sooraj Pancholi opens up about his relationship with Athiya Shetty - Movies News

What kind of advice did Salman give you? He just told me to be myself on screen. Your jeans should always fit your hips well. Your jeans should never be falling off. And good boots are just as important.

I thought I would get very conscious. I remember that day so clearly. We were shooting on the streets of Kala Ghoda Mumbai at 6am.

Athiya and I were very nervous. We were on the phone talking to each other the whole night. But when Nikhil Sir Advani called action, all the nervousness just vanished. It was almost as if we had prepared for that moment our whole life! Did you parents have any advice for you? How did you balance the two? It was really tough. What kind of films do you see yourself doing? I want to do commercial films.

I would want to do arty films like Highway or Badlapur, but my focus will always be commercial films. Sooraj would be a gym trainer somewhere, guzzling protein shakes, and Athiya would be trying to find a place in the college basketball team. What is this obsession of Bollywood to make stars out of star children? Not even star children actually because Aditya Pancholi and Suniel Shetty never really made it to the top bracket. Yet their kids have to be dolled up and launched into instant stardom.

athiya shetty and sooraj pancholi relationship advice

After all, what more do you need than a few rippling muscles and a mop of flying hair? Well, Hero is a disaster. Her father is a top cop Tigmanshu Dhulia while he is a goonda working for the bad guy Aditya Pancholi, for handy paternal support. Radha Athiya is kidnapped by Sooraj Sooraj and is soon struck by the Stockholm Syndrome and unlike Highway, the boy is game.

She ogles his multi-tattooed bare body, he checks out her tall, lithe figure, but they only kiss on foreheads and eyes and cheeks, the lips only parting to make ever-after promises. A meet-the-dads session happens in the end to tie things up. There is no effort in the writing or in the making to update the Ghai film. For a boy-meets-girl-boy-loses-girl-boy-reunites-with-girl story to work today, the leads have to be crackling.

And not cracking, in every scene.