Ariel lin and joe cheng 2012 relationship quotes

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ariel lin and joe cheng 2012 relationship quotes

Taiwanese Actor and Singer Joe Cheng Biography. His married life wife and girlfriend revealed. Also, check out his relationship with Ariel Lin. [part 1] [part 2] ARIEL LIN profile Name: Ariel Lin Chinese Name: 林依晨 - Lin Yi Chen Nickname: Chocolate Date of Birth: October 29 Zodiac: August 3, · Joe's International Fans Club: Joe Cheng's Realm This relationship tends to be highly passionate and can often be . QUOTES from JDA cause my. During the interviews, both Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin admitted that, both of them will fall in love with their on screen partner. 2. Lin's mother was crying and felt like her daughter is really getting married, Joe Cheng . June 22, at am.

The only problem with ancient Chinese shows is how minimal the romance can seem.

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Hu Ge and Joe Cheng both have worked with Ariel more than once and I think the two of them are also my favourites among her leading men. I thought Ariel really managed to show her acting range in this show because after seeing her play dumb and naive Xiang Qin, finally we see her do legit comedy as well.

And then my tears fell when Xiao Qi and Di Gua were inevitably separated due to their status as goddess and mortal. Being prepared for that moment did not help one bit when both of them started to cry. It was such a sad bunch of episodes, the ones with the two of them apart.

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The worst part was Di Gua even lost all his memories of Xiao Qi! I decided to try out one of her older dramas called Love Contract, which she starred with the very handsome Mike He.

ariel lin and joe cheng 2012 relationship quotes

But man they look great together! I started watching around episode 15 and the drama was a bit slow but it concentrated more on internal conflicts among the characters. She played the damaged girl who struggles to cover up her sorrows and for the most part succeeds. But eventually it becomes too much for her to handle and she breaks down in front of the boy she loves. Despite the drama being slightly mediocre thank goodness I watched just the last few episodes!

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He is made may big project in just 1 year of stay in the industry. Up until this present time, he is still connected with Catwalk Modeling Agency. As a model he was also feature in many music videos of famous singers like Jacky Cheung. He also starred in several stage play which according to Joe he very much enjoyed doing. He was able to work in a stage play for Design for Living with several famous actors ad actresses including David Wang Sylvia Chang.

ariel lin and joe cheng 2012 relationship quotes

Together with all his acting, singing and modeling stints he also is pursuing a degree in tourism management at Hsing Wu College as a part time student. His recent films are The Queens and The Beloved both are shown in Cheng has increased much acknowledgment as an on-screen character in many parts of Asia, especially Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, and Japan.

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He likewise has an elder sister, who lives with their mom. His age is 39 years now born on June and is of height 1.

ariel lin and joe cheng 2012 relationship quotes

He additionally featured in a few phase play which as indicated by Joe he especially delighted in doing. He could work on a phase play for Design for Living with a few renowned performers advertisement on-screen characters including David Wang Sylvia Chang. Joe Chang and Ariel Lin Relationship.