Aquarius girl and libra boy relationship

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aquarius girl and libra boy relationship

Aquarius values friendship in a relationship more than anything. . Im a libra guy , i saw this aquarius lady when i turned 15, it was my birthday and my friend. This is a relationship where Aquarius Woman will give her all, and Libra man should be ready to bear the responsibility of such a commitment. Aquarius and Libra share the air-air chemistry, and if you wish to explore the Aquarius In relationships, Aquarian woman is problematic.

Despite the innate kindness of the water-bearer, showing and processing emotion is really not her strong point. She can seem cold-hearted and indifferent from appearance alone and yet is truly one of the warmest individuals you'd ever meet. She, like Libra, prefers to go through life letting her mind lead the way.

Get a personal astrology reading on Keen for additional insights. Love And Relationships The Aquarius woman likes to have fun and is always on the lookout for new friends to join her in her escapades or regale her with interesting tales. While she is exceedingly friendly, she rarely allows people to get close enough to be considered best friends. As such, that spot is highly treasured and reserved for only the most exciting companions.

Libra men are also quite social, although their sociability may lessen slightly once they have found their soulmate. Unlike Aquarius women, they don't require their friends to be interesting or else kicked to the curb. Instead, the Libra man seems to have unlimited space in his heart for new friends and is frequently surrounded by them. Pickiness aside, both signs are loyal and supportive of their friends, family and loved ones.

In intimate relationships, Libra's tendency to crave lots of romance can be a deal breaker for the Aquarius woman, especially if love leads him into clinginess. Luckily, the pair are excellent communicators, and it can be worked out if they are willing and determined.

The Aquarius woman has a lot to offer the graceful Libra man when it comes to sexual intimacy, as she will hold nothing back and have no shame about being more explorative and adventurous in bed.

The Libra man will need to be patient with his expectations from an emotional standpoint as it will take the water-bearer time and comfort to express her feelings or lean on him for support.

The closer the relationship between these two, the more opportunities there are for problems to arise, so dedication ahead of time is important. Working Together Libra men are all about teamwork and cooperation and, thus, excel whenever they are in a team environment or not forced to work alone.

He will not allow himself to be manipulated into doing everyone else's work while they slack off, but he is more than happy to lend a hand to anyone who needs it.

Fast-paced working environments which require rapid decision-making are a true struggle for him, but he will still work hard. The water-bearer and the scales work smoothly together in a team as they enjoy helping others and avoiding issues. Aquarius women can occasionally be pretty domineering and opinionated at work if they are in a leadership position or under the threat of heavy criticism.

Her work performance is stellar both when she is alone and when she is on a team. Expect no issues from the pair. Libra men and Aquarius women bonded together is often as satisfying as a cool breeze on a hot summer day.

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While they have a few small differences, they are alike everywhere that it counts. Try me, it's really an uphill task. As Aquarius is born to rebel, please expect this woman to stand up against long-standing traditions. In relationships, Aquarian woman is problematic. You'll never really know what position you hold in her life; for one minute, you're her best friend and the other, you're much more. As these creatures are naturally friendly, you'll never shake off that feeling that you're just a part of the crowd.

Yet, when they commit, you can be sure like hell that she's yours and yours only. Well, you will soon find out for yourself that it's the 'getting her to commit' part that's the hardest. A Libra man is a well-known public speaker, and has solutions to almost everything. He is not shy of PDA public display of affection and he's just not shy. He will express his emotions and feelings freely and will really make you feel like you're a vital part of his daily life and he'd be nothing without you.

aquarius girl and libra boy relationship

To attract him, all you have to do is play a mind game to take the control. A Libra man is always a secure bet for an Aquarius woman and in loving relationship you will find the best lover in him. Secretly, all girls wish for that. Libra males are the most skilled lovers and that is another positive thing that goes down with extremely high ratings in their favor. Libra men will seduce you with luxury, good music and good setting and when you're all dewy eyes, they will act all school boyish and flirty.

When it comes to love, they know all the facets of the subject and this love can never be monotonous and boring. If the partner is 'take the initiative' type as well, what can be more fun than this fun, play and frolic relationship. The one problem your relationship with a Libra man may face is the problem of him confusing love and friendship.

Explore the Chemistry Between an Aquarius Woman and a Libra Man

He is just so adorable that no woman can resist him and he is just so sweet that he just cannot break their hearts. You may have to fight off quite a few females with a bamboo stick so that he can see you and only you. This may help clear away his confusion and help him settle down with the one he actually deserves the one who did all the hard work of shooing everyone else away.

If you are looking for wild passion, you are in the wrong element altogether and maybe you should try a few of the fire girls Aries, Leo and Sagittarius or Scorpio. What you will get with them though, you will get nowhere else.

aquarius girl and libra boy relationship

An Aquarius woman is never conservative by nature in any way, so your small loving gestures can easily get her any time. Their brand of love-making is intense but natural, subtle and unassuming yet delightful and impromptu.

She will love you to bits and still not be jealous of all your other lady friends you see, she understands friendships, of course, she has them too. What more could anyone want from a woman. With Libra being a cardinal sign, the only thing to note is that though he looks harmless enough, he will most certainly be the one calling the shots whether visibly or invisibly.

If you can handle that in this 'woman awakening' era, you have quite a fine catch in him.

aquarius girl and libra boy relationship

Aquarius Woman and Libra Man Compatibility Both of them are not shy and are quite well suited for each other, not to mention that and she is actually capable of shooing everyone else away and he is actually capable of getting her to say 'I do' before both of them getting rickety and wrinkly.