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and sloan relationship counseling

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Meredith told the therapist about her argument with Derek over their patient's delusional love affair, and the therapist told Meredith that she'd waited for Derek to screw up their relationship so she could find a way out.

and sloan relationship counseling

The therapist told Meredith she's too careless with her life and Meredith took offense to the suggestion that she's suicidal. The therapist went a step too far when she told Meredith that she takes these chances with her life because her mother had told her she was worthless.


Meredith demanded to get her medical chart and fired the therapist, telling her, "Don't ever talk about my mother again. George took little Tucker out of the room while his parents yelled at each other. Alex, meanwhile, came into the room while Izzie was giving Rebecca an ultrasound. He saw for himself that Rebecca wasn't pregnant. As time ticked off the clock and their brain surgery patient's boyfriend Andre failed to show up, even Derek admitted that the mystery man probably didn't exist.

The woman sobbed uncontrollably as she seemed to realize that the tumor had caused her to dream up the whole scenario. They put her under and took her into surgery.

and sloan relationship counseling

While they were working on her, Andre arrived. George was racing around when Dr. Tapley told him he noticed and respected his hard work. George asked Tapley to let the chief know and hoped that it would make the chief reconsider the decision to hold George back from his residency.

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Tapley said the chief wouldn't have made that decision lightly, and encouraged George to keep working hard and racing around because it would make him a better doctor. George helped the chief figure out his wife's e-mail reply, which was an emoticon "wink.

and sloan relationship counseling

The chief then told George he did good that day. George, proud of himself, took note and realized he's "turning it around. Meredith apologized and said they should have waited but they didn't believe he was real. Andre admitted the story of how they met made them both sound crazy, and he hoped that she might still wake up. But Derek shook his head, as if to say the fairy tale ending wasn't going to happen. In contrast to Meredith, Lexie came from a loving home with a happy and idealistic upbringing.

Meredith once said of Lexie, "She was raised right. With parents and rules and smiley face posters on her wall. Following her mother's sudden death of complications stemming from the hiccups, however, Lexie decides to move back to Seattle to care for her father, taking up a surgical internship at Seattle Grace Hospital instead, one year behind Meredith who is due to begin her second year of residency.

Knight during the end of his first year as an intern. After Lexie introduces herself, George immediately realizes her identity as Meredith's half-sister.

Grey's Anatomy season 4 Lexie quickly befriends George and promises not to tell anyone that he is repeating his internship after failing his intern exam.

Lexie's assigned supervising resident is Meredith's best friend Cristina Yang Sandra Ohwho doesn't take the time to learn her interns' names and thus, dubs Lexie as "Three".

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Feeling sympathy, Cristina invites Lexie to join her and Meredith in drinking and dancing, causing the sisters' relationship to begin to thaw. An ecstatic George then casually plants a kiss on Lexie, completely unaware of her feelings for him.

and sloan relationship counseling

Grey's Anatomy season 5 Lexie continues to harbor romantic feelings for an oblivious George; their relationship is a reflection of George's previous infatuation with an oblivious Meredith. Although Lexie agrees, she quickly finds herself out of her depth and is forced to seek the aid of Meredith and Cristina to save Sadie's life, after which all of the interns in the "cabal" are put on probation.

Derek finds Lexie exhausted and distraught at the day's events and allows her to move into the attic at his and Meredith's house.

Later that night, she shows up at Mark's hotel room and undresses herself while repeating to him, "Teach me. After meeting Lexie, however, Mrs. Shepherd tells Mark that she is exactly the kind of youthful person he should be with.

Sadie then publicly takes the blame for Mark's injury to spare Lexie the burden of suffering further humiliation and guilt. Lexie then kisses Mark in front of the other interns before stating, "They think that we're ugly but I know that we're beautiful, and we can adapt to a hostile environment.

However, Mark realizes how much he wants to build a future with Lexie, so he ends up going for dinner with her and Thatcher. Grey's Anatomy season 6 Lexie feels immense guilt following George's death, having abandoned their friendship after he failed to reciprocate her romantic feelings towards him. Mark encourages Lexie to relax and just try her best during this period, advising her not to worry as she deserves her job.

Lexie soon finds that while she is safe from the layoffs, many of her friends have been cut from the program. To take everyone's minds off the merger, Owen takes Lexie, Mark, Derek, Meredith, and Cristina to play baseball together. When Lexie discovers that she is not a suitable transplant candidate, Meredith steps in and donates part of her liver to Thatcher to spare Lexie the grief of losing her father.

Lexie retaliates by stealing April's notebook and using its personal contents to humiliate her, though Lexie later apologizes. It is ultimately discovered that April was the one at fault, after which Lexie and the other residents muse over the absurdity of her mistake. Lexie is supported by Mark and, to avoid having to leave the operating room, resorts to using a diaper so that she can sufficiently hydrate herself before and during the surgery.

A stunned Lexie hesitantly states that Alex is now her boyfriend, to which Mark replies, "I know. I'm just saying you could have a husband.

As Alison had signed a DNR formLexie is forced to turn off the machines keeping her alive despite Gary begging her to stop. Mark shields Lexie during the shooting and the pair attempt to save a critically wounded Alex. Lexie and Mark proceed to save Alex's life, during which Lexie realizes that Alex is still in love with his ex-wife Izzie, as he calls for her while delirious and on the verge of death. After having a conversation with Webber, Gary Clark eventually commits suicide, having killed eleven people and wounded another seven as well as causing Meredith to suffer a miscarriage.

Grey's Anatomy season 7 After openly acknowledging the shooting as a mass murder during a therapy session with trauma counselor Andrew Perkins James Tupper and the other residents, Lexie experiences a psychotic breakdown stemming from PTSD and sleep deprivation while she is treating a patient. Lexie, after recovering and being cleared for surgery, confronts Alex at Cristina and Owen's wedding and knocks him down a peg by telling him that the reason he is alive is because of her.

Mark comforts Lexie and the doctors ultimately manage to save all the victims of the shooting, after which Lexie tells Mark that she loves him. Lexie reveals to Jackson that she is frustrated with the people she cares about, specifically Mark and her father, making major life-changing decisions without considering her feelings.

Mark then agrees to let her go, giving her and Jackson his blessing. Grey's Anatomy season 8 Although initially happy in her relationship with Jackson, Lexie grows increasingly distraught and frustrated when she discovers that Mark has started dating an ophthalmologist named Julia.

Though Derek had instructed them to merely reduce the patient's brain tumor, Meredith allows Lexie to remove it completely, despite not being authorized by either the patient or Derek to do so.

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