Alex romero and norma bates relationship memes

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alex romero and norma bates relationship memes

Normero The romance in their [imaginary] relationship is so strong Norma ( Vera Farmiga) + Romero (Nestor Carbonell) = "Normero" in Bates Motel. Find this . This season has given us complex relationships, deaths and huge moments The romance between Norma Bates and Sheriff Romero has. Norma & Sheriff Romero Bates Motel Cast, Bates Motel Season 4, Norma Bates, Bates Motel | Vera Farmiga & Nestor Carbonell- Norma Bates & Sherif Alex .. Normero The romance in their [imaginary] relationship is so strong bates motel memes | Tumblr Freddie Highmore Bates Motel, Norman Bates, Netflix Series.

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With the penultimate season of Bates Motel now complete, lets look back at some of the craziest things about this past season. His first victim this season was Ms. With Dylan suspicious that something happened, while Emma is still curious what happened to her mother, this will surely blow up in all three of their faces some time next season. While Norma has always done her best to protect her son, when Norman discovers that his mother plans to have him committed, he takes the opposite approach.

He uses the information he has about the murders he himself has committed to try to gain leverage on his mother by claiming that she has actually been murdering people. With Norman in a mental institution, Norma is desperate to get the insurance to help her son, so as a quick fix, she marries Romero. Norma saw in Romero a person who legitimately cared for her, and fell for the sheriff quickly. The beginnings of the Bates-Romero romance might have been strange, but what came out of that was a legitimately sweet romance.

But imagine how terrible being at a strip club would be if you imagined you were your mom? While Norman's in therapy, Norma calls Romero, who again tries to persuade her that Norman being home isn't the best thing for either of them. She's angry that as her husband he thinks he has a right to know what's best for her son but he tells her to ask Dr. However, Norma thinks he's not giving Norman a chance and hangs up when her son leaves his session.

Later in the day, Alex returns to his office only to be confronted by Norma about his plan with Dylan to send Norman back to Pineview. She says that no-one who truly loves her would ever go behind her back and tells him that she will never trust him again.

As Norma gets ready for bed, she writes Romero a note, telling him that she's sorry and that she will always love him, before placing it in an envelope with her wedding ring and leaving it on her dresser. Sometime later, Romero returns to the house and is concerned to find the doors and windows locked. Upon entering, he calls out to Norma but gets no response. He goes upstairs and heads towards her room and opening the door he sees both Norma and Norman asleep on the bed.

Still failing to get an answer, he attempts to rouse her but she is unresponsive and he smashes a window before carrying her from her room and laying her on the floor in the hallway, opening the other windows and returning for Norman, who he lays beside his mother. He attempts CPR on Norma but she remains unresponsive. Alex breaks down crying and embracing Norma, knowing that she is dead.

Forever As the ambulance takes Norma's body away, Romero, still shocked that his wife is dead, stands alone on the steps to the house. Romero is interviewed by a detective named Chambers, who shows him the letter that Norma wrote which includes her wedding ring. He says that they were only married for two weeks but has a feeling that Norman had something to do with it. Later on, Romero goes to the morgue as he wishes to see his deceased wife and opens a drawer to uncover her corpse.

With tears in his eyes, Romero tells Norma that he loves her and places her wedding ring back on her finger. He later shows up at her funeral and an angry Norman returns the wedding ring which Romero takes back but then he punches Norman and a fight erupts. Justin and his son attempt to break it up with Justin threatening to call the police. Romero informs him that he is the police and leaves.

Norma and Alex

Norman Season 5 After leaving Maggie Summers' house, Romero goes to the Bates house and sees Norma's ghost on the stairs in the empty house. He follows it upstairs where he sees the empty floor space where he tried to administer CPR on her lifeless body and sees her ghost again at the dressing table in her room before it disappears. Quotes Season 1 Norma Bates: Well, I, um, I see that there's a seat open on the city planning committee, and I wanted you to put me forward for it.

Maybe I can influence their decision. Why would I do that? Because I thought you would. Because because of what we've been through. Because we know things about each other. We don't owe each other anything.

You don't know me in any social sense, other than as your sheriff. Don't assume differently just 'cause I was kind enough to save your ass once. Excuse me, but weren't you saving your own ass at the time?

alex romero and norma bates relationship memes

I mean, the fact is that your deputy was doing all of this right under your nose, and you knew nothing about it. I mean, that's not how you rewrote the story.

Are you trying to say that you have something on me? I mean, I might have to burn you down to the ground, you know? He was left confused when she screamed at Chick and when he left he asked what was going on so she told him everything about her past.

She then told him to pack a bag and he asked where they were going. The Vault The following morning, he and Norma lay together in bed before getting dressed. When he found her in the basement and she told him of her plans to convert the basement into a fruit cellar, he gave her Bob Paris' bag of money and told her to use it on the house. When the phone rang, he answered it to find out that it was Norman. Norman asked Norma why Romero was there but she lied to him.

While at work, Rebecca visited Romero to tell him that she's leaving for Indiana as her mother was ill but he asked her to stay due to the DEA investigation. When Norma returned home after visiting Norman, who wasn't very happy about her marriage, Romero surprised her with a 60" TV and she announced that Norman would be coming home.

Romero wasn't happy that she didn't discuss things with him but he said that he wanted to be a good father. When Norma later called to the sheriff's department, Romero was wary of the visit and was surprised when Norman informed him that he was planning on getting a second job and insurance and insisted that he and Norma get a divorce.

Norma eventually revealed that she and Romero's relationship ran deeper which caused Norman to throw up. Unable to fix the heating, they decided to sleep in separate rooms and Norman saw Romero return to the motel.

alex romero and norma bates relationship memes

He crept into the room next to Norma's and removed a painting from the wall before using a knife to widen a hole in the plaster, making it large enough so that he could spy on his mother and Romero having sex. The following evening, Norma decided to invite Romero to dinner and Norman acted overly polite to the sheriff. Realizing how involved Romero now was in their lives, he took his anger out on his mother and she told him that she and Romero loved each other and he would have to deal with it.

He stormed out of the house with Romero in pursuit.

alex romero and norma bates relationship memes

As Romero tried to talk sense into Norman, he made the mistake of asking if it was possible that Norma could love two men.

Norman advanced on him with the ax but then took his anger out on a shed before storming back to the house and up to his room. A clearly shocked and frightened Romero told Norma that he would be staying the house for the night.

Unfaithful Worried about Norma being alone with Norman, he decided to seek help from Dylan so that Norman could be returned to Pineview. However, when Dylan told Norma the plan she confronted Romero and said that she could no longer trust him. She returned home and broke down in Norman's arms. As she got ready for bed, she wrote a note apologizing to Romero and left her ring with it in an envelope.

A few hours later, Romero arrived at the house and was confused to find the windows locked. He went into the house and called out to Norma, but got no answer. He climbed the stairs to her room and when he opened the door he saw Norma and Norman lying together on the bed. He attempted to rouse Norma but got no response before smashing a window to let in some air. He looked at Romero craddling his dead wife and crying. Forever When the police arrived, Detective Chambers questioned Romero who revealed he and Norma had only been married for two weeks and that she should question Norman about the death.

alex romero and norma bates relationship memes

He later showed up at the hospital to confront Norman and told him he would find out the truth. Visiting the man who serviced the furnace, he learned that he had met Norman and figured out that Norman must have overheard the conversation between him and Norma.

He showed up at the morgue wanting to return the wedding ring to Norma and kissed her before saying goodbye.

alex romero and norma bates relationship memes

As Norma's funeral got underway with only Norman in attendance, he showed up and an angry Norman told him to leave before returning his wedding ring.

Romero took it and punched Norman before being held back and told that the police would be called. Saying that he was the police, he angrily left and returned to work, grabbing his gun but was then arrested by the DEA for perjury. Norman Season 5 Picking up over two years after events of the Season 4 finale, Romero was incarcerated at the Oregon Department of Corrections having been sentenced to five years imprisonment. His mysterious phone calls went unanswered and he was denied parole.

It was later revealed that he had sent a private investigator to kill Norman but the man ended up dead at the hands of "Mother". Dark Paradise Romero was surprised to see Norman visiting him, but Norman did not let on that the private investigator he had sent was dead.

Romero told him not to get too comfortable all alone in his house before eventually beating up a fellow inmate. Romero told a doctor that he was still devastated over the loss of his wife and said that he had a responsibility to take care of her son so he wanted to be transferred to a work farm.

The Convergence of the Twain As Romero was being moved to the work farm, the officers stopped for a break at a gas station and he asked to use the restroom. However, he managed to seize the officer's gun and made him chain himself to the sink while he stole the man's jacket. He hitched a ride with another man and made him drive to a remote area before telling him to walk home and stole his car.

When the car sustained a flat tire, he disposed of the car down a cliff and after walking for miles arrived on a remote property. While attempting to steal the car, a young boy held a gun to him and although Romero tried to say that he just wanted to keep warm, the boy shot him. Bad Blood Romero told the boy to run inside and get a first aid kid.

When the boy left, he escaped and managed to make it to a parking lot outside a block of apartments where he contacted the paramedics, saying that a neighbor had overdosed. After they arrived and rushed inside with a stretcher, he entered the ambulance and took some bandages.

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He tended to his wound and later showed up at Maggie Summers' house seeking her assistance. Hidden As Romero woke in bed and was looking for some water, Maggie brought him some food to eat and told him that he had shown up three days prior and that she tended to his wound.

When she later found him rummaging through her kitchen for his gun, she asked why he was looking for it and if it had something to do with Norma's death. Inseparable After retrieving his gun from under a cushion that Maggie was sleeping against, Romero made it to the Bates property and entered the house in search of Norman.

He found it empty and saw Norma's ghost on the stairs. He followed it upstairs to her bedroom and saw the floor in the hallway where he had attempted to give her CPR and then saw her ghost again at her dressing table before it disappeared.

He fell asleep on her bed and later woke up when he thought he heard Norman's voice. Following the sound of the voice, he tracked it down to the basement to discover Chick, who has set up his writing desk and is using a typewriter, with Norman's voice coming from a tape recorder.