Agents of shield fitz and simmons relationship tips

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Romance is an essential part of superhero stories, and 'Agents of SHIELD' has the best relationship on superhero TV at the moment. THE PAIRING: Leo Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) and Jemma Simmons Simmons – two scientists (and agents) with a relationship so close. Agents of SHIELD's Fitz and Simmons on Field Training, Guilt and Romance There is some good for the pair: with Fitz and Simmons' romantic relationship once again in its early stages as the two decided to Wiki Guide.

After the success of the mission, Fitz asks Simmons out to dinner. He finds a way to rescue Simmons, who fights to survive on an alien planet lightyears away. Fitz endlessly searches for answers, resists authority, and refuses to give up. Fitz finally opens a portal to the alien world and dives through to rescue Simmons.

After all of this, Fitz worries that their relationship is cursed, that the cosmos are forcing them apart. Simmons counters by saying that he literally dove through a portal to save her. They then share their first kiss. While their relationship stays somewhat strained, it smooths out as best it can in an action drama show. This leads to more tension. In this reality, Hydra took over the world.

agents of shield fitz and simmons relationship tips

Certain characters lives are altered, with many now working as Hydra agents. Fitz becomes one of them and a part of the key leadership. She was sent to a secret location while wearing a hood. Mace refused to disclose her location to anyone, worrying Leo. Jemma was eventually returned to the Playground and reunited with Leo, who had barely escaped Hell. The two hugged each other, making up from their argument earlier. She later comforted him after Radcliffe's betrayal, giving him words of encouragement that helped him figure out how to access the brain of Radcliffe's LMD.

agents of shield fitz and simmons relationship tips

Aida, who had rebelled against Radcliffe, placed the three of them in the Framework, a simulated reality developed by Leo and Radcliffe. Each one had their greatest regret reversed. For Leo, this was his father Alistair abandoning him and his mother when he was a child.

  • Agents of SHIELD's Fitz and Simmons on Field Training, Guilt and Romance
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In the Framework, Alistair took him with him when he left and shaped him into a cold, cruel man. When Jemma and Daisy uploaded themselves into the Framework to rescue the three of them, Jemma refused to give up hope that Leo could be saved, insisting that he was still the man she loved.

Leo had no memory of her, however, and was in a relationship with Madame Hydra, Aida's Framework version.

agents of shield fitz and simmons relationship tips

Jemma was horrified when Leo murdered Agnes Kitsworth in cold blood. After learning that his father was the reason for his ruthlessness, Jemma went to Alistair's house to confront him and demand help. The confrontation resulted in a fight, and she had no choice but to shoot him.

When Leo learned of his father's death, he swore revenge on Jemma.

agents of shield fitz and simmons relationship tips

He nearly killed her, but Radcliffe disarmed him, revealing that he'd planned to trick Leo into leaving the Framework. Back in the real world, Leo was haunted by the terrible things his Framework version had done. Aida, who had built a real body for herself, confessed her love for him. When Leo told her he could only love Jemma, Aida became insane and enraged, and set out on a vendetta against him and S.

Jemma comforted him afterwards, both traumatized but glad to be reunited. Season 5 After defeating Aida, the entire team except for Leo was kidnapped and transported to the future. He went into cryogenic stasis in order to awaken in the future to be reunited with his friends.

He infiltrated the Lighthouse, posing as a Marauder named Boshtok.

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Seeing Jemma, who had been enslaved by the Kree Kasius, he went over to her and discreetly spoke with her, confessing his love and asking her to marry him. She had, however, been outfitted with a device that disabled her hearing, and did not hear him.

Leo then demanded that Kasius disable the device, to which he complied. As Daisy was forced to fight the Kree Sinara to demonstrate her powers to potential buyers, Leo and Jemma sprung into action, attacking Kasius and jumping into the arena with Daisy.

Reunited with each other, the two shared a passionate kiss, and Jemma asked him to marry her, which he immediately agreed to. The three then made their escape. Meeting back up with Coulson, Mack, and May, they eventually found their way back to the present, along with Deke Shaw. They were transported to the Lighthouse as it was in their time, where they found three Monoliths in a storage room.

When a Kree Orb was brought into the storage room, it exploded, destroying the Monoliths. The destruction of the Monoliths tore a hole in space-time, opening a rift into another dimension that could manifest people's deepest fears.

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