Aditya chopra and karan johar relationship

Aditya Chopra - Karan Johar are fierce rivals now, here is why - Bollywood Hungama

aditya chopra and karan johar relationship

When Karan Johar visited the sets of aditya Chopra's next in Paris, France, the latter made the In fact, their relationship goes far beyond work. Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra have never confirmed their relationship in public The party was to celebrate the birthday of Karan Johar's mother, Hiroo Johar. Mumbai: Filmmaker Karan Johar, who has been in the industry for around two decades, says the only person he doesn't lie to is filmmaker.

I love my job and I pack all my hours with it. But he just laughs at the question when I ask him how he manages all this. I love to do it and I do it.

aditya chopra and karan johar relationship

Maybe I am fortunate to have a larger bandwidth where I can alternate between things. One hour ago, I was reading a screenplay, now I am giving an interview.

Aditya Chopra Is the Only Person I Don't Lie To: Karan Johar - News18

I hate Sundays, I create work for myself. What is a brunch? I have never taken an afternoon nap, not even when I was a child. In fact, after college, I did some strange courses," he says. I even packed my summer holidays with classes.

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I interned in an ad firm, choreographed fashion shows, acted in a play. I was always like this.

aditya chopra and karan johar relationship

Zoya remembers Johar being charming, bright and perceptive, but she never thought he would become the maverick he is today. He was very intelligent even then, but I had no clue he was going to do what he does.

aditya chopra and karan johar relationship

I used to feel bad for lawyers, engineers and doctors. Aadi [Aditya Chopra] was the leader of the pack and we still look to him for advice.

Did you know Karan Johar and Aditya Chopra are cousins?

Most of the relationships I had still exist. Memories are great to fall back on — they give you strength. His love for fashion and things swanky later reflected in his movies — have you ever seen a college that looks like the one in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai?

I later took the same aesthetic to my movies. Manish [Malhotrathe designer] and I just talked about movies — if I knew the song, he knew the movie and vice versa.

Karan Johar Family Pics with Cousins, Aditya and Uday Chopra and Uncle, Yash Chopra

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was not just an explosion of Bollywood drama but also a celebration of the "branded" world Indians were just getting introduced to. We all brought in a new brief — Aadi, me and Manish. There was a new sensibility in town. That was our thinking.

Rani Mukerji & Aditya Chopra Spotted Together Leaving Karan Johar's Residence

Today that would be so uncool. He gossiped with his friends in an informal setting, often grilling them about their love lives and dirt we all wanted authenticated, and suddenly TV audiences felt they had found a new friend who just wanted them to feel included.

He also was the most fun person on his show and I tell him so. It was about the attitude, not information. There was never a grand revelation. I was doing it at parties, I thought why not get paid for it! In the last few years, Dharma has produced young and hip movies for an increasingly young, hip India.

We are a thinking population now — we want thinking cinema. When a mother leaves her daughter eight letters, how does she know what she would write in letters one to eight. How does a child that young comprehend what you are saying? But you have to grow up. So KHNH was more conversational.

The melodrama has reduced, but we still have songs. You can never escape the trappings of Hindi cinema but you can make it more relevant. We have all watched his movies and wondered about these people and the grand lives they live. Yet despite all odds, the couple has steered through difficult waters, and is happily married now, with a daughter, named Adira. As Rani turns 40 today, we take a look at her love story with Aditya Chopra. Owing to his success with Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaaenge Aditya was now a director to reckon with.

However, Rani didn't come forward and talk to him. Following this, they started working together in several films. They also started spending time with each other, and had a close bond. In many of her interviews, Rani said that at this point, they only considered each other as good friends. She recalled the time she met him for the first time on a professional basis.

He told me that I'm doing a couple of crap films and that people have pressured him not to take me because they think that I didn't have the equity for a Yash Raj film, but Adi had belief in my talent and me and thought that I was good for the part. My mother and I have been very upfront people always and I like frankness and openness, so I like the fact that he was on my face.

Their efforts to reconcile their ten-year relationship were futile.

WAR! Karan Johar is MIFFED with Aditya Chopra! Ranbir Kapoor comes to rescue!

The former couple filed for divorce inmuch to everyone's surprise. Many people maligned Rani's image, and held her responsible for the problems in Aditya's marriage. However, after Rani and Aditya's wedding inshe cleared the air and said, "Contrary to all rumours, I started seeing him only when he was out of his divorce and was not my producer.

I started seeing him at a point when I was not working with him as dating your producer was not my cup of tea. He went to Rani's house and asked if he could date her, and reportedly, her parents were more than happy.

Rani was quite overwhelmed with this gesture. The two got married in Aprilin a hush-hush wedding ceremony, and only 12 people were present.