Ada wong and leon kennedy relationship advice

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ada wong and leon kennedy relationship advice

Nov 24, Do Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong have anything in common? I also find their relationship (particularly its clear romantic angle) to be great fun to . body and Ada follows Leon's advice concerning knives and close combat. Well in the end of resident evil 6 it was pretty clear that they liked each other only I guess it would never work. I remember in resident evil 4. Aug 21, Resident Evil 2 [] at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Leon becomes quite fond of Ada Wong. attitude, Leon maintains a sincere bond to her and they even develop an intimate relationship.

And we went into the Conference Center. I can smell the scent of wood that adorn the interior side of the wall, each room with an exterior clad in luxurious and elegant impression, with hidden light on it.

Guests have started their show since two hours ago. They will hold a break for lunch right at 12 o'clock, and the meeting will continue till 4 pm. After that we still had to escort them to the hotel. I sat in front of the meeting room, only accompanied by a cup of black coffee that was getting cold, and still felt drowsiness. All agents are deployed in several rooms, in every hallway and corner of the building.

I was waiting for the report of their position. I never thought I'd see you here! Helena Harper, my partner while we were on a mission in Tall Oaks and Lanshiang. I think the Secret Service division is not supposed to be here. We met when I was still working for CIA, she asked me to accompany her because she had a sort of 'can not trust anyone' personality. But luckily I met you, it feels too tired of waiting. Anyway, good to see you again, Leon!

There is a beautiful woman who seems miss me? A man who always thinking about the other woman it's not my type, Leon That words really stabbed me.

I don't understand your words," I was evasive. I just shook my head, "Of the hundreds of topic, why ask about her? Then because Helena insisted me with some questions, I told her briefly about Ada Wong. Not because I don't want to tell her, but it's because I didn't know much. Of course I didn't mention that she was a spy or working with Wesker, because it will be dangerous. You've known her for fifteen years but didn't know herself clearly.

Your relationship up to now there is no certainty, even she was a target of the B. Oh sorry, I mean now she's not the target anymore, because they think Ada Wong's already dead … " Helena tried to capture the essence of my story," But I think you should make a move, or give up altogether against her.

I'm even surprised you can last that long! Our conversation was interrupted by a report from one of the agents in meeting room, already 12 o'clock. It's time for lunch. The guests one by one out of the room to the dining room, with a variety of languages, greet each other or get acquainted with a new colleagues.

We turn to the room and checking from behind. The room was quiet when we went in to check on. Her hair was long and she was wearing a black formal dress with a matching purse, also bring a yellow folder. She smiled broadly and come quickly towards me. My memory was spun, recall the events in Spain, My first job as an U. It was already nine years since the last time I saw her. Oh my goodness, it's been a long time Oh let me introduce you to I've read every article about you in the newspaper, about the Tall Oaks also Lanshiang.

Still love to play chess and golf as usual, " she said pleasantly," Leon, you seem to have some fate with B. W cases, but fortunately you can survive. Time actually turn Ashley into a different person, I've never thought a year-old girl who used to cried and searching for my help has now turned into a charismatic women like this. I almost didn't recognize you, " I said," in a better way, of course.

Everyone can change, Leon. Depending on their wishes, in the direction of a good or otherwise. You could say that for nine years I've been thinking a lot, especially after a bad experience inI wanted to fight for the people to be free from the threat of bio-terrorism.

That's why I'm here now. Yes yes, Miss Ashley, but we should soon join to the dining room You must be hungry.

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Let I accompany you to go there Helena got a call from Mrs Rosette so she left us alone. Ashley was busy telling about her participation in government programs this time, she looks very confident and excited about the prospects of this program. Beforehand, she left him to chase after Annette; now, she dresses his wounds with care. When she regains consciousness, she and Leon have a moment in which Ada indicates her affection for him: Hey, take it easy.

I'll only slow you down with these injuries. Is it just me, or does everybody always ignore what I say? I told you, it's my job to look after you. I know I've only known you for a short period of time, but I really enjoy being with you. I know I'm not capable of caring about anyone, but I don't want to lose you.

We're leaving this place together. Wait here for me, I'll be right back. Leon is as stubborn and resolute as ever to keep Ada well and safe; and Ada is able to admit for the first time that his well-being matters to her, too.

Does Ada Wong loves Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil ? Is there any cahnce for happy ending ?

He rushes back to where he left her, only to find her gone. Leon is shocked, but can see straight through her weak guise.

I don't believe this. Annette was right, about everything. That's why I told you to leave without me, but you wouldn't listen! Now hand it over. Don't make me shoot you. You can't do that. Defeated and finally coming to terms with her feelings for him, Ada slowly lowers her weapon and hangs her head.

And Annette Birkin shoots her from behind. Ada tumbles over the catwalk and Leon jumps forward in time to grab her hand with his good arm. Ada, I've got you.

You're gonna make it! I promised you that we would escape! You just have to help me out here. Knowing that Leon would keep hanging on until they both fell, Ada lets go of his hand and falls to her death. Leon yells her name and collapses to the ground. If the player inspects the gun that Ada dropped, Leon finds that it was unloaded. Ada never had any intention of shooting him in the first place. The second death scene is what is generally accepted as canon, and what the game makers themselves have indicated is game canon.

The creature was sent by Umbrella to retrieve the G-Virus, and in this scenario of the game, Leon and Ada found a sample much earlier in the game but were not aware of what it was it was hidden in the locket of another character.

The Tyrant, then, pursues and eventually corners Leon. Ada, though already gravely wounded, rushes to his aid, distracting the Tyrant away from him and yelling at him to escape. The Tyrant seizes Ada and throws her against the machinery of the lab, and the resulting electrical explosion is enough to send the Tyrant tumbling into a lava pit far below. In return for all of his efforts to protect her, Ada ultimately sacrifices herself so that Leon can make it out of Raccoon City alive.

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I'm just a woman who fell in love with you, nothing more. The two share a kiss before Ada dies in his arms. Leon screams her name—and then the self-destruct system kicks in. Without much time left, Leon rises to his feet, giving her a final good-bye and swearing that he will never forget her. How she survived her death scenes remains a mystery to Resident Evil fans, but Umbrella Chronicles follows her escape from Raccoon City. Something about the meeting with Leon changed me.

Your actions in betraying us and helping that Leon fellow will have consequences for our organization. But through her interaction and involvement with Leon S. Kennedy, there had been an affection growing inside her. But she was still of some use. Yet another indication of the change in Ada comes in her epilogue file at the end of Resident Evil 3.

ada wong and leon kennedy relationship advice

Each of the main characters from the first three games had an epilogue to show what happened to them after the incident in Raccoon City. For the first and only time in Resident Evil, we see Ada cry. The scar is either from her death scene or her earlier wound; either way, it remains as a reminder of Leon. Because of the time gap and the fact that RE4 has an entirely new plot line, there are a few details to cover before we jump into the scenes with Leon and Ada together.

Leading up to this point, Leon has worked extensively in anti-Umbrella activities, working to bring the pharmaceutical corporation down for good. Due to the zombie outbreak in Raccoon, the US government issued an indefinite suspension of business on Umbrella. Its stocks plummeted, and the corporation was as good as dead. Albert Wesker, however, is working behind the scenes to revive the company. The agent, having difficulty in persuading them, calls in Ada for help.

Two things remains certain amid all these questions: The first time Ada interferes is when the village chief attacks Leon. Leon, unarmed and vulnerable, has little option for escape—until Ada suddenly comes to his aid, shooting through the window at his assailant before disappearing just as quickly.

Her antics cause her to be caught by the villagers and nearly killed as a result. But Ada waits until much later to reveal her presence to Leon, whether from meticulous planning or from an impulse decision to see him again. Ada has finally decided to make herself known to Leon, flirting with him in a way that only she could.

He plays along at first, and then the tension sets in. The point here is to make her presence known to him and get out without any trouble. Ada is constantly working to protect him; allowing Leon to get involved in that manner would only put his life at risk, and she knows this. She leaves quickly because she has to keep herself as emotionally detached from him as possible. Permitting herself to be too close to him would endanger them both…And it will soon become apparent why.

The reunion is full of romantic and sexual imagery. The carpet, curtains, and bed sheets are red—a color not only often associated with Ada herself, but one that represents passion and desire. With the moonlight shining through the windows, and the castle garden as the view outside, Ada has picked a fitting place to reunite with Leon.

And did you happen to notice the painting in the background of the scene? This Renaissance work—like the scene itself—is full of romantic and sexual imagery. Here are just a few details of what can be seen in this paining: Primavera depicts a scene in the spring. Above her, Cupid is aiming his arrow.

Off to the right, Zephyrus, the god of the winds, is pursuing the nymph Chloris; according to myth, he abducts and later marries her.

ada wong and leon kennedy relationship advice

Why would the game-makers include such a meaningful painting into this scene? When Ada escapes into the courtyard, she receives new orders from Wesker. He wants her to kill Leon. Alone in the corridor, she speaks remorsefully: Fortunately for Ada, her employer lets it slide…for now. For a while, Ada continues to aid Leon in more roundabout ways to avoid detection. Every now and then, she leaves him a note with a hint or some advice.

Leon finds Ada in a motorboat, waiting to transport him to the island to which Ashley has been taken. As Ada drives, he quietly watches her with a dreamy look on his face. When he sits up as if about to say something, Ada notices and whips the boat around, jarring him. She uses a grappling gun to scale the cliff side…but not before giving him coquettish farewell consisting of giving him a full view of her leg exposed by the slit in her dress, making Leon gawk, and then causing the boat to slam up against the rock wall.

Ada disappears again until well into the island segment of the game. Ada waves off the comment indifferently and leaves…Only to receive a message from Wesker a few moments later. The implications of this action are immense and far-reaching: Krauser, outnumbered, makes a retreat; Ada herself leaves before Leon can demand too much out of her. She orders Leon to leave while she holds off Saddler alone. In the ensuing battle, Saddler catches Ada off-guard and is able to subdue her. Ada seems to heed his command, as she hurries off in a different direction—but, as per usual, she has a mind of her own.

As Leon fights, Separate Ways gives a different view of the battle. Ada finds an overhead vantage point, searching for some way to help him. The spy is concentrating completely on the fight, a worried expression on her face. Keep that in mind. Soon, Ada spots a rocket launcher on the other side of the platform. With it, Leon kills Saddler.

But before he can rise, Ada has a gun pointed at his head. She smiles and demands that he hand over the sample.