Altera Cyclone II Core EP2C8T FPGA Nano Board include a powerful FPGA feature set optimized for low-cost applications including a wide range of density, . Our product range includes a wide range of Altera Cyclone EP1C3T FPGA Board, Altera Cyclone II EP2C8T FPGA Development Kit, ALTERA Cyclone II . Altera Cyclone Core EP2C8T Development Board include a powerful FPGA feature set optimized for low-cost applications including a wide range of density, .

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Workaround Use the bit version of the Quartus II software to program your device.

datasheet for QF3DFX-DK by Quickfilter Technologies |

If you have turned off Save changes to all files before starting a compilation, simulation, or software build on the Processing page of the Options dialog box, changes you made may not be reflected in the latest compilation. If you double-click or click and hold on dropdown list boxes in the Resource Latera Editor, the Quartus II software may crash. Use the Recent Projects command on the File menu to reopen your last project. Some dialog box title bar text is not displayed correctly when the Quartus II software is installed on a computer running the Chinese version of Windows XP.

Or, use the Group command on the Edit menu to create groups of arbitrary nodes. Workaround This situation can be avoided entirely by marking all LogicLock regions as Reserved, thereby preventing the Fitter from placing new items in a region. Start a SignalProbe compilation. Final Timing Models The following table lists the devices with final timing models that are available in the current version aotera the Quartus II software: Occasionally, the Quartus II software may crash or hang with no error message immediately upon opening a project.


However, the Chip Editor displays all the pins and PLLs available for the device specified for compilation. This is because the compression option that is used with the makeprogfile utility during the software build process does not work with this version of the boot loader.

Do not assign SignalProbe pins to packed registers.

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Under certain circumstances, the Quartus II installation program may crash or you may receive an error message immediately upon launching the installation program. Megafunction Models Model Change? The contents of the partition containing the PLL must be replaced and preservation of timing in this partition is not possible. This happens only when there is a tri-state that feeds internal logic only that is, no output or bidir pinsand alterw tri-stated data is GND.

Workaround Specify the full path to your web browser software on the Internet Connectivity page of the Options dialog box.

The pll megafunction has been removed from the Quartus II software version 4. In previous versions, a warning message was displayed and compilation continued. Any change will be very small. The default port width in the simulation model is 1 that is, if an input is not used, it is assumed that the width of that input is 1. When you are changing values in the Resource Property Editor, you must press the Return key to apply the changed values.


Either hand-edit the Verilog Quartus Mapping File. The difference can be ignored. Workaround You must delete the altgxb. Fixes a bug that caused the Quartus II software to crash with an internal error when placing carry chain cells in Stratix II devices.

EP2C8TC8N Intel Altera | Ciiva

I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Install Solaris OS patch or higher to regain the normal Help functionality.

Existing memory functions are not affected. These warnings can be safely ignored; no action is necessary. The operating frequency range of the Cyclone PLL has been changed.

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Please enter your Email ID. Back-annotating some designs targeted to a Cyclone II device with the Demote cell assignments to option set to LABs may prevent the design from fitting. Workaround Assign the indexed ID to a temporary variable, then use the temporary variable in the Event Control. This problem can occur if you change devices, or if you remove some location assignments by using the Assignment Editor on the Assignments menu or by manually editing the QSF.

Programming files and pin-out information, however, are not generated for these devices in this release. Close the Quartus II project before making changes to the file permissions. Sachin Bhingare Regional Sales Manager.

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