IN AN ESSAY titled “Camus’s ‘Le Renegat’: An Allegory of the Existentialist of ” La Femme adultere” reveals that that recit also bears the mark of absur- .. Stirling, Elwyn F. “Albert Camus’s Adulterous Woman: A Consent to Dissolution. sistently than La Femme Adultère,2 the two ideas of which – “Γ absurd” and “la Gamus’s ideas, Albert Camus and the Literature of Revolt (New York. ). Albert Camus’s Adulterous Woman: A Consent to Dissolution. Elwyn F. Sterling. Structurally speaking, the various elements of “La Femme adultere” exist, as.

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As with other works of Camus, “The Adulterous Woman” is set in Algeria but native Algerians play no significant part in the story. The French authorities try to drag him into the conflict. Reacting to various events in the story, Janine’s perception of herself changes from awareness of her weight and poor physical condition to pride in still being attractive to other men. The nomads are not tied to the town, or to the “civilized” world in general, yet they heroically continue to exist.

One novel which is not set in Algeria, The Fallset in Amsterdam and initially intended as another story in Exile and the Kingdomis similarly lacking in any native Dutch characters. When his parents gave up their dry goods business, Marcel decided to abandon the law in order to run it. Janine did not make love to her husband before visiting the fort.

Views Read Edit View history. Similarly Janine is attracted to notions of primal vigor and power. But he abruptly turns away from the church and heads off towards the poor black quarter he had visited the night before.

After consideration, she decides to sneak out of their room that night and return to the fort alone. The prose adulltere pared down and simple. Anyway, the existentialist focuses on the image of a man alone in the vast desert, abandoned by God etc, thrown back on himself.

He comes round wdultere find his bloody mouth stuffed with grass.

La Femme adultère | Books & Boots

Daru breathes a long sigh of relief thinking his onerous responsibility is over. He had gone to the loo. Or his reluctance to hand himself over to the nomads? Modern spare prose was pioneered in English by Ernest Hemingway in the s. He was going to drown and prayed to the stone Jesus, promising he would carry a pound stone on his head in the annual procession, if he was spared. He nods and shakes hands but his mind is elsewhere.


The woman is Janine, tall, middle-aged but still alluring. There is a sweet kindness in every sentence and in the entire sentiment which is missing from pretty much everything else Camus published. Finally, it is the expanse of the sky and its endless march of stars that overwhelms her.

It is designed to show the primal experiences and human solidarity which tie Daru to this bleak barren landscape.

He found himself exiled from this childhood. Everywhere else, he felt exiled. The story is written in the third person perspective following events in the life of Janine.

He allows himself to be married to sweet Louise who loves him with a selfless devotion, and they move into a cramped apartment characterised by an enormous studio with high windows.

The Adulterous Woman

He is driven by a black driver, Socrates, through the jungle of Brazil to Iguape, a remote settlement on the coast. Suddenly his ordeal and his promise seem important to the Frenchman. Here the pompous Mayor and drunk Chief of Police make a fuss of this great man, honouring them with his presence, who has come to build a jetty to protect the town from the periodic floods of the vast river.

Contrary to the title, at no point does Janine commit any physical act of adultery. It was just a matter of carrying them over to the next harvest. Posted in BooksFrench literatureShort stories.

And so the story contains two kinds of silent men, or men who are silent in two ways. The slave narrator decides to escape the House of the Fetish and kill the missionary.

The night was full of fresh aromatic scents. The humid air was heavy. As his brutal treatment continues the narrator makes the transition to becoming the willing slave of the Fetish, a wordless devotee of the tribe and its god.

This is described in an erotic manner, as if her adultery took place not with another man, but with the night itself in a temporarily empowering liberation from her constricting, married, subservient, and following life. This year has seen an appalling drought, with Daru becoming a distribution point for government food aid.


Her life became entombed in the shuttered apartment above the shop.

The Adulterous Woman – Wikipedia

His agent calls to say sales are falling off and he will have to reduce his monthly stipend to Gilbert. She married short, bug-eyed Marcel, not avultere much because she was attracted to him, but because he so obviously needed her. At the fort Janine feels inspired and is excited by the experience.

Nonetheless, Balducci makes Daru sign a document accepting responsibility, al leaves, first giving Daru his spare revolver. I grew up in a village shop and gas station, working in albsrt shop from age 11, working on the pumps from age 16 and then working in the dark, oily, noisy tyre bay, handling the long heavy wheel jacks and the pneumatic bolt albegt to undo the bolts holding a wheel to the car axle, alongside other lads swapping banter, walking past wlbert Pirelli calendar on the wall, washing your hands in the tub of swarfega, sitting outside sharing a fag in the sun between jobs.

She especially identifies herself with the nomads, whose tents she sees in the distance. This is contrary to Hemingway rules and also to good English style. Then, straining his eyes, he realises he can make out the figure of the Arab amid the vast stony waste of the desert. In the middle of the night there is the promise of some excitement when Daru becomes aware that the Arab is getting up, with infinite slowness and stealth.

The Silent Men Les Muets They are silent because these men, the handful who work at a camis cask-manufacturing workshop in a city on the coast, had gone out on strike for twenty days but then, eventually, been forced back to work for the usual reasons — the need for money, the refusal of the boss to back down. For on the blackboard akbert finds a simple sentence has been scrawled, presumably by Algerian rebels: He was a not very bright student at a theological seminary. It was republished as a Penguin paperback in This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat Then the war came with its privations.