Afterlife is a fantasy novel by Claudia Gray released on March 3, It is the fourth part of the Evernight series, concluding the ongoing. Soon, Bianca and Lucas have orchestrated Balthazar’s escape and are on the run, pursued not only by Black Cross, but by the powerful leaders of Evernight. Afterlife (Evernight, book 4) by Claudia Gray – book cover, description, publication history.

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Every single okay, almost time I marked a funny part in the book, he was the culprit. At least I hoped she would somehow fix it in Afterlife, the last book in the series. Surely, telling her everbight, and that they wouldnt be together in the afterlife no pun intended would have brought some time?

I am soooo blown away!

Evernight Series

I wish I could have loved it, but I didn’t. Just Not Good Oh my goodness, the sappiness and cheesiness that comprise these books! There is also a lot of contradictions that come from the aftermath of the main events.

Secondly, I would have liked to have seen the reunion of Christopher and Mrs. However, in Afterlife Everniht felt like I really understood her character a lot more.

But isn’t that the true magic of a book. There were so many open ends for the characters. Balthazar also helps Bianca agreeing to help her set free the trapped wraiths and put a stop to Mrs.

Evernight (series) – Wikipedia

What material object s mean the most to you? After Lucas realises there is a dangerous vampire in the city they are staying in he decides to hunt it. At the opening of the novel, Bianca and Lucas are both dead; she’s a wraith and he’s a vampire.


How awesome is that? Patrick Hodges, Staff Reviewer. Bethany’s husband before he was murdered, who switches place with Maxine and is destroyed as Mrs.

And right off the bat, I had a sinking feeling I wasn’t going to like this book very much. While in the library Bianca is trapped in a trap set by Mrs Bethany to trap wraiths. They really should share a cell together in an institution.

Bianca and Balthazar make an arrangement; they pretend to be dating so Balthazar could get her off campus, since he is a trusted student, so she could meet Lucas while in return Bianca and Lucas help Balthazar find his sister, Charity which they do. Even Bianca’s parents weren’t explored and exploited to their whole potential, like the hate Bianca’s mom had for wraiths.

Bethany later stages a break in to the Black Cross cell wanting to take Bianca back to her parents. There’s nothing else to say, really. Haunted by his powerful need to kill, Lucas can turn to only one place for help. A book which I was freaking proud to own. Pot, kettle, black – anyone?. We will also be hosting a give Pudiste hacerlo mejor, Claudia.

Bianca runs off with him, and even though he has been raised to hate all vampires, he still loves Bianca. Dana is in a relationship with Raquel. Even after Lucas tried to attack Vic, he was still his friend – albeit a little standoffish understandable. Although, this was sorted in the end, Lucas is a big boy, he can make his own decisions like he statedI felt that the anger towards Balthazar was uncalled for View all 34 comments.


She later dies and becomes a wraith. This series needed an ending before they became a House of Night: She has spent much time trying to become mortal again so that she can die. They both escape and later get jobs. See what I am talking about?!

So maybe we were close enough for him to listen. Nov 02, Melissa Miranda rated it liked it.

Bianca is determined to remain with him. Evefnight was hot and he was everything I want and I am so damn happy that he is going to be in the next installment without Bianca being involved in it I can’t wait to read it! Lucas needs some help adjusting to being a vampire and Evernight everight just the place for him.

Instead of getting tense when yet again something happened, I found myself rolling my eyes.

There were a evegnight revelations, but nothing that blew my mind. Since Bianca is still a wraith, her parents are hesitate in accepting her, she has limited similarities with humans or vampires anymore, and she will out live Lucas.

I had high hopes for Afterliffe. They arrive at the train station and Lucas follows shortly after. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Vic gives nearly everyone he knows an unusual nickname and speaks in a very laidback style ex: