I first got into Achewood around I tracked down a copy of the Achewood Cookbook a couple years back. I JUST NOW got around to trying one of the. The Achewood Cookbook. Work your way up the culinary ladder with these actual kitchen-tested recipes by Philippe, Ray, Roast Beef, Téodor and others. I’ve got the first cookbook. Second one was pre-ordered for when I emailed about it. I love Achewood, but that’s a pretty big strike in my book.

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Thanks for helping inspire me to get it done. And also after subscribing to the “feed” with absolutely no updates I gave up. Every one of them has had the design wash off immediately upon use.

Maybe Nice Pete’s a was a story pamphlet. I think CortJstr ordered one a while back and hasn’t received his, either.

Sorry for the delay, uni is starting up again and I have less and less time for such diversions as cookbook-hunting. Hi Spencer, Thank you for the note, which is rather timely. Or maybe you’ve scanned yours and can send me the PDFs don’t bitch, I threw money at the tip jar. I would love to read the 2nd Cookbook, though, but I think a reprint just isn’t going to happen in the foreseeable future. I ordered a printed out cartoon and after 5 months of never receiving it, finally got my money back.

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Achewood § Shop

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. If he ever admits he’s done – shuts down the fanflow and stops saying he’s gearing up to come back – I could see making copies for a few selected imaginary friends. Onstad replaced them every time, except for the last time, at which point I guess he decided he’d put up with that headache for long enough, and never responded to our e-mails about it.


Or maybe you’ve got an extra copy lying around. Seems an odd business model that I am unable to do so. Just had this email exchange with Chris today: Ray gets sort of stoned “This isn’t carrot juice, it’s king piss!

I wasn’t even given a response when I emailed about it. Never feel that you’re out of the loop, because the loop is you. How do I protect my computer from Spy-Ware? Or maybe you know of some dark Internet corner where they can be found. I’d just send you a PDF of the book achewwood there just isn’t one. Second one was pre-ordered for me years ago and was never delivered.

Goddammit, I finally have enough scratch around to treat myself to some Achebooks and this happens? Thanks for the years of laughs, Spencer Re: I am in the process of putting together an “honor system”-type store, which would have a lot of our digitally-transferable content available for free download and a suggested tip amount.

Along with almost everything else from the achewood store. Anyone got a cookbook?


Recently, I have been dying to try some of Achewood’s recipes as Nice Pete’s fried chicken is one of my favorite recipes. I have donated to the tip jar in the past and will do so again in whatever amount you desire, or I can send the money to you more directly.


It will not be shared with others. Kisses Tiny cans of Dr Pepper: All I request is that you email me a PDF or equivalent of the cookbook.

Because I have a copy of the first one, that one definitely released. I know that you are no longer in the merchandise business, but I would love to exchange money for a digital copy of the Achewood Cookbook. Did you get the ‘zines from Nice Pete and Roast Beef? I would say he would not do that. But it’s usually subtext. As I said before, I’ve kicked into the tip jar several times, and all I want is to buy a copy of the damn cookbook!

I’m normally wrong in what I think he will do. I’ve got the first cookbook.

On the other hand, why not ask? Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Oh, wait — did you mean the first cookbook or the second one? Trying to get achwood writing mode. I hate to zombify a dead thread by bringing it back from the brink, but I’d like to ask about this again. I love Achewood, but that’s a pretty big strike in my book.