AE[edit]. 5 Speed Automatic Transmission. I6 and V8 versions similar. However V8 versions have slight internal upgrades to handle. One of the most common misconceptions about the IS (and other cars that share the 5 speed Lexus automatic) is its ability to handle some. AE AT (RMU). TERMS. ABBREVIATIONS USED IN THIS MANUAL. Abbreviations. Meaning. A/T. Automatic Transmission. ATF. Automatic Transmission.

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One more quick mod related to this is to simply turn line pressure up.

This is not good on the internal components of the transmission. Refer to the shop manual for proper testing procedures and readings.

The AE also demonstrated that it could handle the additional stress of more horsepower in the LStrqnsmission was equipped with the horsepower, 4. Lexus IS Review Pressroom: Rob Wagner is a journalist with over 35 years experience reporting and editing for newspapers and magazines. On the side of the valve body, there is a pressure control — simply use a straight edge screwdriver to push in and rotate to the next detent.

History of the AE Transmission | It Still Runs

The 2jz is very capable of spinning higher than the stock rpm redline. That was attempt 2. The transmission matched a horsepower, 3-liter in-line six-cylinder engine wielding foot-pounds of torque. The electrical solenoid that controls the flow of transmission fluid to the lock up clutch in transmissio torque converter is wired in series with the brake light switch.


Toyota A transmission

The first thing you should check is the kick down circuit. It was first used in and remained in production through the model year. It wasn’t until that Lexus offered the choice of a five-speed automatic or trznsmission five-speed manual; however, the IS SportCross wagon only received the AE.

This article does not cite any sources. Retrieved from ” https: It has a very steep first gear ratio of 3.

The fact is, they make the transmission slam into gear pretty much every single shift. Yet, potential buyers noted that while the AE was fine, the IS lacked a manual transmission. An instantaneous hit of power is much harder on the sprag than applying the power smoothly.

Views Read Edit View history. It is my opinion that these rods that people do are not good for transmission longevity at all. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Yet the A provided smooth shifting and helped increase fuel efficiency. The Toyota AE five-speed automatic transmission matched engines in a wide range of Lexus luxury cars from to This transmission model is not electronically controlled.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Posted by Regis on Wednesday, June 26th, Things like this are what causes the infamous sprag gears to roll over. A warped valve body could be preventing the valve from moving. The next item to check is the front pump and torque converter. Four speed automatic with lockup torque converter, electronic controls and viscous coupling center differential.


Your email address will not be published. You must be logged in to post a comment. One other thing I do is retard timing transmkssion the shift. The transmission will not kick down into the next lower gear at full throttle. The second part includes raising the rev limiter and a few other little tricks. The five-speed was somewhat overshadowed by the more popular trasnmission automatics and often sparked complaints from Lexus buyers, who could only order their cars with the AE and not a five-speed manual.

This page was last transmissino on 27 Decemberat For example, when the transmission upshifted to third gear with the throttle at 50 percent, the speed was 37 mph in “Normal” mode and 47 mph in the “Power” mode.